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Today’s leaders are bombarded with increasingly complex challenges. It is unrealistic to expect leaders to just know and do more. Instead, what is required now more than ever is a fundamental shift in their approach.

This event will focus in on Conscious Leadership, exploring how conscious leaders drive business growth, inspire employee and customer engagement, and lead with a purpose beyond themselves. Join us and explore some new paradigms through an immersive workshop-style session and fireside chat with our panel of thought leaders who are already on their purposeful journey:

Sheela Parakkal, Chief Human Resources Officer, Prudential

Gathoni Wangombe, Regional Talent Director, Kellogg Company

Paul Katimbang, Senior Global Brand Director, Unilever

Conscious Leadership is the second in our series of events, The Purpose Journey. The organisations that will survive and thrive in the next 20 years will look unrecognisable to the ones we see today. They will be purpose-led, existing for the good of all society. They will provide products and services that are relevant in a changing world and benefit consumers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders. Their leaders will be even more conscious and courageous in their actions, leading with humility and care, and driving innovation and growth.

If you are interested in attending, please visit our Eventbrite page to sign up.

Venue: Prudential Tower, 30 Cecil Street, #30-00, Singapore 049712