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To thrive in today’s rapidly changing world, leaders need to be conscious and courageous.

Leaders today are expected to respond to increasingly complex organisational challenges. From our 30 years of experience working with leaders, we believe that two transformative shifts are required in order to enable leaders to thrive. First, leaders need to become acutely conscious, more aware of themselves, their teams, their customers, as well as what needs to change in their organisation. Consciousness, however, is not enough in isolation. Leaders need to have the confidence and ability to then act and drive change.

We design immersive and experiential learning journeys that enable leaders to make quantum shifts in skillset and – most crucially – in mindset and behaviour, allowing them to both embrace the change around them and to have the confidence to act. We put their current business challenges into the design and develop the practices needed to solve them, leaving them effortlessly applying what they have learnt. Leadership is a practice, not a spectator sport and leaders learn by doing. Our bespoke learning journeys result in leaders who relish taking on challenges, have a breadth of purpose beyond their own and are compassionate towards themselves and others.

Watch the video below to see highlights of our recent BRIDGE-hosted event – The Purpose Journey: Conscious Leadership and hear from Paul Katimbang, Senior Global Brand Director, Unilever and Sheela Parakkal, Chief Human Resources Officer, Prudential for their thoughts on Conscious Leadership

Our Approach

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We immerse ourselves in your organisation, understanding your current reality and future ambitions. We pinpoint what is required to unlock these ambitions. This often involves shifting both mindsets and skill sets.

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Based on your needs and the insights from the diagnostic, we co-create the learning journey with you.

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We deliver the learning journey in a number of different ways: experiential and immersive workshops, one to one coaching and virtual learning to name a few.

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We engage in rigorous and ongoing evaluation to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Why partner with BRIDGE

We design immersive experiences beyond anything leaders have seen before. These journeys disrupt their current ways of thinking and behaving by changing the way they see the world. Leaders develop radically new ways of operating. They move into peak states of meaning and purpose which builds humility, resolve and courage.

Our solutions are grounded in your reality. We design the learning journey around the current business challenges that your organisation is facing. This helps leaders develop the capabilities that are needed to solve these challenges and leaves them effortlessly applying what they have learnt. Leadership is best seen as a practice (not a spectator sport) and leaders learn by doing.

We take a blended approach to learning.  We create seamless journeys that include immersive experiences, personal coaching, virtual learning and facilitator-led workshops.

Our consultants at Bridge are outstanding.  They don’t just ‘teach’ content and theory. They co-design an experiential journey in partnership with you, creating the conditions necessary for leaders to evolve. These learning journeys are award-winning.

Jane Sassienie - Bridge Partnership


“I always start by listening, seeing the world through the client’s eyes, understanding the experience they are having that is leading to what they are saying.  If I can shift into their reality and then out again then I can be useful to them.”

Jane Sassienie
Client Director
Jane Sassienie - Bridge Partnership

Common challenges we hear

  • We want to enable our leaders to reach their full potential. We need to invest in the leadership pipeline to grow and retain talent.
  • Our organisation is going through a transformation. We need to equip our leaders to lead this change.
  • We want everyone to see themselves as a leader in our organisation. Therefore we would like to develop a solution that supports everyone’s development, at scale.
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