We change mindsets not just skill sets. Unlike other consultancies we don’t just ‘teach’ content and theory. We create highly immersive and experiential learning journeys. They result in an extraordinary shifts in mindset and self awareness leading to lasting and transformative personal change.

Our solutions tap into our 30 years of experience. We’ve been a trusted partner to dozens of Fortune 500 brands across numerous industries. The change we deliver means our partnerships often span decades.

Our learning journeys are grounded in your reality. Leadership is not a spectator sport. We put the real challenges an organisation is facing into the design and develop the practices needed to solve them. This enables leaders to effortlessly apply what they have learnt. Leadership is a practice and leaders learn by doing.

We are truly global. We have local experts based on the ground, in every continent, who understand the cultural nuances in which organisations practise.

We don’t do off-the-shelf. We immerse ourselves in your organisation to fully understand the challenges and we create learning solutions that are right for you.

Our consultants are outstanding. They co-design an experiential journey in partnership with you, creating the conditions necessary for leaders and organisations to evolve. Our learning journeys are award-winning.

We take a blended approach to learning. We create seamless journeys that include immersive experiences, personal coaching, virtual learning and facilitator-led workshops.

We enable our clients to sustain this change by developing their capability to pass this knowledge on to others, continuing the work without us.

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08th October, 2020

Discover your mind ‘traps’

Take our two-minute quiz to identify and explore your ‘mindtraps’ and gain valuable tips and practices to support you in being at your best more of the time.


23rd July, 2020

Leading for something more: How to become a societal leader

Sometimes a particular event in our lifetime can make us reassess what truly matters, and spurs us on to lead for something more. During lockdown, if you have been craving to lead for something more, these may indeed be the green shoots of societal leadership.


In this article we’ll take a look at what it means to be motivated by something greater, and how you can take the next steps to becoming a societal leader.