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The world has changed, and so has the way people work

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed seismic shifts in the way people work. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for organisations to rethink the way they engage with and support their people.


The experiences we offer at BRIDGE reflect the way people do their best thinking together and learn today. Sometimes a face to face gathering is essential. At other times, what is needed is independent study – exploration and reflection through self-led digital journeys.

The experiences we
co-create with you

Every experience we create is united by our passion to activate lasting personal change and transform organisations. We don’t ‘teach’ theory in a classroom; instead, our experiences are deeply immersive – they enable people to profoundly connect to one another, and to the challenge at hand. This connection, intimacy, and ability to get under the surface results in an extraordinary shift in mindset and behaviour.


About Facilitator-led

We offer facilitated experiences (either face to face or virtual) that support organisations who are working through leadership or organisational challenges. Our consultants partner with key stakeholders to unearth what is most needed. They then co-create an experience that will enable this change. When facilitating the experience, they respond to the emerging needs of the group, enabling them to do their best thinking and learning together.

Our consultants create the conditions necessary for organisations and individuals to evolve. They support groups to surface what’s really going on and enable breakthrough ideas to emerge. On average they each have 17 years’ experience and an exceptional breadth of expertise. Which is why our experiences are award-winning. They are based in every continent and understand the cultural nuances in which organisations practise.

We are known for our deeply immersive experiences that connect with both the head and the heart. An immersion may include taking individuals out of their environment and partnering with groups in their community or other sectors. These immersions stretch leaders out of their comfort zone and shift their habitual patterns of operating. People are given the freedom to experiment within a safe space.

The way people collaborate has changed. Colleagues are spread across borders and are communicating virtually. Organisations must now work out how to enable powerful digital connections. Our virtual facilitations create a profound human connection and intimacy that is akin to being in the room. We achieve this by leveraging a suite of digital collaboration tools, as well as the expertise of our consultants.


Examples of our experience


About Self-led

Our self-led digital journeys make the learning accessible to everyone. They enable businesses to create a cultural shift across their entire organisation.

Our self-led digital programmes are guided journeys that give participants the autonomy and flexibility to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever. Our journeys can be experienced across multiple devices. We’ve also integrated offline elements to support the learner in any context. Each module is bitesize and easily consumable, enabling microlearning.

We’re experts in converting complex psychological theory into simple, accessible practices that individuals can use every day. Each programme is available to many, and as such, organisations can cost-effectively and sustainably develop their people at scale, creating a common experience and language for all.

Our self-led journeys are multi-sensory, catering to all learning styles. They include podcasts, videos, animations, virtual simulations and digital toolkits. We integrate gamification and peer to peer learning into our programmes to ensure the learning is sticky.

All our modules require active participation. We encourage independent exploration, experimentation and reflection. Our programmes follow a flow of Ignite (sparking a learner’s interest, connecting them to the purpose), Immerse (immersing them in new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving), and Experiment (setting challenges, encouraging them to practise, experiment and reflect on what they’ve discovered. People learn by doing.)


Examples of our experience

About Blended

Organisations typically find that a blended approach (i.e. a journey that includes facilitator-led interactions as well as self study) best suits their needs because it mirrors the way people work today.

All organisations have unique learning cultures and challenges; they all require different interventions. Our partnerships begin with a discovery phase. We immerse ourselves in your organisation, understanding your current reality and future ambitions. We pinpoint what is required to unlock these ambitions and then co-create the experience with you.

We put your real challenges into the design and develop the practices and capabilities needed to solve them. This enables leaders to effortlessly apply what they have learnt.

We’ve been creating blended journeys for many years. We’re a trusted partner to dozens of Fortune 500 brands. The change we deliver means our partnerships often span decades.

We don’t simply hand our clients a solution to their challenges. Instead, we develop their capacity to innovate, collaborate and evolve so that they can generate breakthrough ideas themselves. In turn, they are able to pass these practices on to others in their organisation, continuing the good work without us.


Examples of our experience

Unilever Logo
BRIDGE have shown not only their deep expertise and experience in driving organisational change, but also their willingness to always go the extra mile to deliver.
Loes Schrijvers, Global Learning Manager – Leadership Development,
Ornua Logo
The team felt more like colleagues – we built a relationship very easily and quickly and trust was established from the beginning. The flexibility in the partnership helped when having to cope with COVID-19. Being able to change an already tough in-person immersion week into a meaningful experience for everyone in their own virtual environments – we were really impressed with the quality of the design.
Ruanne Cowley, Global Talent Development Manager,
Travis Perkins logo
It [The Being At My Best self-led module] was practical, simple (but not simplistic) and one of the most impactful sessions I've ever experienced. The modules for instance are super powerful and digestible.
Beth Gratton, Director of Talent & Organisation Development,
Travis Perkins
MAS Holdings Logo
During my time at MAS I have been part of many strategic initiatives, but this was one of a different nature, and one that speaks to the heart vs. the head. The true partnership with which Bridge approached this engagement was remarkable and much appreciated. You were truly invested in our success and we are happy that we have not only established great professional relationships but a strong friendships over the last 9 months.
Suren Fernando, Chief Executive Officer,
MAS Holdings
KP Snacks Living Leadership
By immersing ourselves into a completely unfamiliar environment with the college, it forced us to shift our focus to ourselves as individual leaders as well as understanding each other more. Only by doing this would the impact we have change for the better. We began to see a positive impact on the business immediately as leaders showed up at work with a different attitude and worked in partnership more.
Johanna Dickinson, HR Director,
KP Snacks

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