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24th September, 2019

The Purpose Journey: Conscious Leadership

Following our journey into the future back in May 2019, it was time for BRIDGE Singapore’s Purpose Journey event series to reopen its doors. Forty curious guests relaxed into the velvety couches of Prudential Tower’s Hemingway Lounge – glass of wine in hand, eager to delve into all things Conscious Leadership.


20th June, 2019

The Purpose Journey: Surviving and thriving in 2030

BRIDGE Singapore recently launched ‘The Purpose Journey’, an event series co-created with its guests, designed to take the audience on a journey towards making purpose matter. To kick off the series, we started with a journey into the future. What could be in store for us in 2030? What will leaders and organisations of the future even look like? To help answer these questions we were excited to be joined by Futurist Benjamin J Butler.


03rd May, 2019

The importance of conscious organisations and leaders

HRD Connect exclusively talked to Sophie Ireland and Jane Sassienie, about what makes a good leader, as well as discussing the importance of a conscious organisation. Sophie Ireland (S.I) and Jane Sassienie (J.S) share their thoughts on these topics.


19th December, 2014

Exploring Leadership Styles – When East Meets West

A global merger between U.S. and Chinese companies required the development of a leadership philosophy that combines Eastern and Western cultures. Jerry Connor, Yi Min and Ranjani Iyenjar discuss what happens when the two are brought together.


02nd April, 2013

A New Way of Seeing Insight-Led HR

Future HR leaders will need to break away from the ‘one model fits all’ orthodoxy if they are to fully exploit the function’s unique vantage point and build organisations to last.