Make Purpose Matter

Without a change in thinking and behaviour, purpose will merely be another mission statement

Now more than ever organisations are yearning to find a way to boost performance, engage talent and unlock innovation. They are discovering that purpose provides all these benefits and more. But in their excitement, they often fail to understand what it takes to make purpose matter.

We believe that for organisations to reap the full benefits of purpose, they need to not only have a meaningful purpose, but to also live this purpose in all they do (from strategy to operations to culture), inside and outside the organisation. Without embedding purpose in an organisation’s behaviour, it will merely be another mission statement. Once organisations are living their purpose, they find they have grow a substantial competitive edge and are making a positive impact in the world.

Our Approach



We immerse ourselves in the organisation, understanding its strengths, challenges, ambitions. We explore industry forces and societal needs. We run immersion experiences to test purpose areas. We draft the purpose statement, test and refine.



We prepare the organisation to unleash its purpose, identifying and testing strategic opportunities. We launch the purpose, engaging and inspire the wider organisation.



We guide the whole organisation to live its purpose, anchoring purpose to the strategy and culture. We focus on transforming mindsets.

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We take an agile approach throughout. We engage in rigorous and ongoing evaluation to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Why partner with BRIDGE

Our track record. We are thought leaders in this new field of practice. Our co-CEO, Timothy Henry, is one of the founders of the Conscious Capitalism movement. Our methodology is backed by pioneering research and cutting edge techniques. We have partnered with and have transformed Fortune 500 brands across different industries.

Our roots are in leadership and organisational development. We bring a fundamentally different approach to purpose compared to branding consultancies. We get that it’s not enough just to have a well crafted purpose statement. We understand that purpose must engage the hearts and minds of everyone in the organisation, starting with its leaders.

We know how to change mindsets, not just skill sets. In order for purpose to become truly embedded, mindsets and behaviours need to shift. We provide transformational ‘immerse and inspire’ sessions that support leaders in making purpose truly matter.

Our consultants at Bridge are outstanding. They co-design an experiential journey in partnership with you, creating the conditions necessary to truly embed purpose across your organisation.

James Boddy - Bridge Partnership


I start by asking the client what they hope purpose will do for their business. Do they see it as a lever to inspire or reinvent their strategy? Or to re-orient and revitalise their culture and amplify their business impact? My focus is to explore ways of making purpose relevant, meaningful and credible in the world of the client.

James Boddy
Lead Consultant
James Boddy - Bridge Partnership

Common challenges we hear

  • We are struggling to find and retain the world-class talent we need. Millennials are demanding greater meaning in their work. How do we respond?
  • We have some good sustainability and social responsibility programmes but are struggling to integrate these into our corporate strategy and culture.
  • The world is facing massive social and environmental challenges. At the moment we are part of the problem. We want to be part of the solution.
  • Trust in big business has been eroded and we are not sure how to respond. How do we get on the front foot for our consumers and our employees?
  • We have a purpose/mission statement. We are not living it. Help.
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