20th June, 2019

The Purpose Journey: Surviving and thriving in 2030

BRIDGE Singapore recently launched ‘The Purpose Journey’, an event series co-created with its guests, designed to take the audience on a journey towards making purpose matter. To kick off the series, we started with a journey into the future. What could be in store for us in 2030? What will leaders and organisations of the future even look like? To help answer these questions we were excited to be joined by Futurist Benjamin J Butler.

Benjamin is a Futurist, Writer and Speaker, passionate about preparing and coaching people for these rapidly changing times and fascinated by the nature of the mind, imagination and human creativity. He currently sits on a Global Future Council at the World Economic Forum, recently participated in the launch of the UN’s Resilience Frontiers initiative and has launched a podcast series called Quantum Futures.

Over forty eager guests were welcomed into the cozy, relaxed space at the top of Prudential Tower, with inspiring views out over the futuristic Singapore skyline.

A series of “Future Shock”-inducing headlines from Benjamin set the scene for the discussion. What would a world be like where AI and the 3D web are the norm, where hypersonic or driver-less transport transforms our global economy, or where the dollar is no longer “the lynchpin of the global system”?

Benjamin warned of chaotic times ahead, especially in the early 2020s, where trends are pointing to an often-discussed financial crisis. Interestingly though, his tone remained positive. While many parts of the old system will be uprooted, this volatility will allow the green shoots of change to fully emerge.

He reminded us of the need for “resilient and transcendent leadership”, quoting the late Alvin Toffler, a quote that completely coincidentally the team at Prudential had painted onto the wall of the Hemingway Lounge:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

In a world driven by technological advancements, being human will become even more important. Leaders will be clear on their individual purpose and demonstrate humility, creativity and emotional and intuitive intelligence. They will be comfortable not having all of the answers.

Successful, self-organising companies will be led predominantly by women, demonstrating the shift towards leaders with multi-dimensional awareness.

Technology will be harnessed to create healthier people and a healthier planet. Quantum computing will deliver breakthrough drugs, help us to predict complex weather systems or accurately model climate change. We will move from the Industrial Age to an Ecological Civilisation, “learning from nature and harnessing her 3.5 million years of R&D”.

BRIDGE’s partnership with global clients goes hand in hand with Benjamin’s predictions. We believe that organisations that will survive and thrive in 20 years will be purpose-led, existing for the good of all society. Their leaders will be even more conscious and courageous, leading with humility and care to drive innovation and growth.

The Purpose Journey will continue with deep dives into what it means to be a purposeful organisation with themes covering Conscious Leadership, Purposeful Culture and a Purpose-Led Strategy and Impact.

If you’d like to join us on our journey to making purpose matter, please drop a note to tessa.rouse@bridge-partnership.com. Our next event will take place on the 5th September.

Finally, to hear more from Benjamin, check out his blog of the event.

Author: Tessa Rouse

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