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Expectations of organisations from consumers and employees are profoundly shifting due to concerns about the health of our planet and our people as well as demands for a fairer and more inclusive society. These expectations have been accelerated by greater access globally to information. In response, organisations need to adapt if they are to survive and thrive. What will organisations of the future look like?

They will be entirely purpose-led, existing for the good of society and providing products and services for tomorrow’s circular economy. Driving that purpose will be leaders who will be constantly evolving, fully aware and courageous in their actions. In turn, these leaders will foster an empowered internal culture, one where all employees feel included, valued and trusted. The organisation of the future will be a conscious one, which has deep partnerships with civil society, governments and other businesses. Due to the volatile nature of global economies and our society, its strategy will be wholly agile, adaptive and always responsive.

Our Approach


We identify the critical imperatives that will enable the organisation to become an Organisation of the Future. These could be in areas such as service excellence, culture, sustainability, digital, automation, gender equality and zero waste.


We design the journey that will the support leaders to make critical transitions. We frame key questions that need to be answered and identify the skills and capabilities required to solve these challenges.


Through ideation labs, immersive experiences, stakeholder focus groups and coaching we support leaders to think differently together and design and implement breakthrough solutions.


We take an agile approach throughout. We engage in rigorous and ongoing evaluation to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Why partner with BRIDGE

We look after the whole journey. We act as the guide rails: from designing the journey to shifting mindsets, from bringing in the subject-matter experts to measuring impact. We act as orchestrators for all components, delivering the necessary transformation. Amongst them our consultants bring over 1000 years of experience in facilitating these programmes.

We enable the senior leaders to reinvent the organisation themselves. We equip leaders with the skills required to solve these challenges and lead this change themselves. We transform mindsets, upskill and enable our clients to sustain this change without us. Unlike other consultancies, we create no dependency.

We teach senior leaders how to leverage the most progressive and powerful business tools in the industry in order to help identify challenges as well as potential solutions. These tools support financial and investment modelling, customer ethnography, business model design, design thinking, customer journey design, culture change and organisational design.

We tap into our network of expert partners. We have developed a remarkable network of partners around the world over the last 30 years. These partners are exceptionally skilled in their individual fields. We utilise this global network to bring in the expertise as and when required. Expertise may be needed across a broad range of industries, in areas such as cybersecurity, intelligent automation, zero waste and next-generation technology platforms.


“When I meet the client, the first thing I ask is: what is their dream and highest aspirations for the organisation? What do they want it to look like when they pass it on to the next generation? What impact do they want to have made in the world? This creates a sense of higher purpose, inspiration and awakened possibility.”

Simon McKenzie (Mac)

Client Director


  • Anuj Lal
    Vice President of Asia Pacific,
    Kimberly-Clark Corporation
    "BRIDGE has always demonstrated exceptional listening and generated strong insights against which the programmes have genuinely delivered. They are passionate about what they do, they have an infectious positive outlook, and they have a wonderful holistic approach that truly delivers value and results. The outcomes have been both beneficial and impactful."
  • Peng Hui Lim
    Regional Head - Talent Attraction, Culture and Strategic Initiatives,
    "How you have been supporting us is truly beyond our expectation and your spirit of generosity and personal leadership is truly remarkable. More than a few participants have come to me, sharing the same thoughts and I wanted you to know that you are personally inspiring us, to be our better selves."
  • Richard Scanlan
    VP UKI,
    "The work you did for BP in employee well-being was in many ways groundbreaking and the resulting changes in behaviours in people at all levels was extraordinary."

Common challenges we hear

We want to be beacons in the world on gender-equality and D&I – and we are not moving the needle quickly enough.

Our employees are very stressed – and the joy seems to have been lost; we want to create a place where our people feel loved and purposeful and can be themselves.

We are sadly experiencing fatalities and serious injuries in our workplace – our injury and fatality rate needs to get to zero, and fast.

We need to redevelop our products that eliminate waste and single-use plastic, and we need to move steadily towards a net-zero CO2 impact in the world – but are lacking fresh ideas.

We need to get on the front-foot on becoming climate resilient – climate change is adding significant cost in our supply chains and we are always on the back-foot on this.

Our products and services are becoming less and less needed and commoditised; we need to create products and services that the world will really need – but we seem to be stuck.

We need to become the leading player in digital experience but we are moving so slowly and lacking innovation.

We have no idea what intelligent automation and machine learning are going to do to our business; our organisation seems to be only focusing on today and not thinking about tomorrow’s.

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