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Now more than ever organisations need high performing leadership teams, teams who provide outstanding quality of thinking and direction to the organisation and who can solve multi-dimensional and seemingly impossible problems.

Through our learning journeys, we enable teams to have an exceptional quality of dialogue, to make effective decisions together and to have collective clarity of thought. These teams provide clear, credible and compelling direction to the organisation. They have trust, both in themselves and each other, as well as in the decisions they make. They unite around a shared purpose and thrive at co-creating.

Our Approach


We immerse ourselves in your organisation, understanding your current reality and future ambitions. We pinpoint what is required to unlock these ambitions. This often involves shifting both mindsets and skill sets.


Based on your needs and the insights from the diagnostic, we co-create the learning journey with you.


We deliver the learning journey in a number of different ways: experiential and immersive workshops, one to one coaching and virtual learning to name a few.


We engage in rigorous and ongoing evaluation to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Why Partner With BRIDGE

Our track record. Our solutions tap into our 30 years of experience working with dozens of Fortune 500 brands. We form trusted partnerships that often span decades.

Our solutions are grounded in your reality. We design the learning journey around the current business challenges that your organisation is facing. This helps teams develop the capabilities needed to solve these challenges and leaves them effortlessly applying what they have learnt.

Our consultants at Bridge are outstanding. They don’t just ‘teach’ content and theory. They design and facilitate transformational learning journeys, creating the conditions and experiences necessary for others to evolve and grow.

We are truly global. Unlike other consultancies, we have local experts based on the ground, in every continent, who design learning journeys that are sensitive to the cultural nuances in which organisations practise.

How do we get started?

“The question I’m most curious to ask first when I’m working with a senior team is: ‘what’s the ambition you’re really going for?’ I love to hear what people feel a real passion about.  You can hear the energy in their responses. The second question I ask is ‘as you look at the choice you’re making for how to get there, which are you most confident in, and which are you least confident in?’ I’ve learned that senior leaders have an instinct for what needs their attention and what it is they need to focus on as a team, and apply their collective intelligence to.  That’s the start of helping them frame their real ‘leadership agenda’ and the critical shifts that they need to lead their business through.”

Tim Littlehales

Client Director


  • Amy Kong
    Regional Director, Learning and People Development,
    MSL Group
    "Game changing journey."
  • Mike Cowan
    Executive Coach. Former Partner,
    "In one week BRIDGE changed the way I thought about people and my place in the world forever."
  • Louise Wallwork
    HR Director,
    BAE Systems
    "The experience felt very different to other consultancy interventions and the outputs reflected this too. It was both liberating and illuminating to be a part of."

Common challenges we hear

We have a new Executive team and they need to ramp up quickly and start leading effectively together as one. They need to be unified on strategy and purpose.

We’ve re-organised and have built a matrix/agile structure. We need to shift behaviours in these cross-functional teams in order to reap the benefits of this new structure.

We have an underperforming leadership team who are really critical to the business. We need to improve performance rapidly.

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