My purpose is to play some small part in ‘raising the consciousness of humanity’, including my own.

My first experience of BRIDGE was in 1995 as a delegate on the original ‘Human Side of Management’ programme. Four years later I joined BRIDGE. Since then I have been lucky enough to work with many leaders in a variety of organisations supporting them uncover and connect to parts of themselves that are truly extraordinary.  I love working at the intersection of deep personal transformation, change strategy (particularly the hard bit of shifting attitudes and behaviours), and business strategy.

Some I’ve worked with have been generous enough to describe me as insightful, persistent, challenging, honest, and courageous. I’d add ‘always learning’.  My starting point is understanding what’s truly important to you. You’ll get a thinking partner and my best efforts at joining the dots and surfacing insight about what’s really going on – in you, in your team, with your people, and in your organisation. And I’ll always be looking for how what we are doing together can be a force for good in the world.

A few years ago at the end of what had been a challenging year for a senior leader leading a big transformation in his business, he texted me to thank me for my partnership. He said ‘thank you for helping us uncover the soul of our organisation’. The words he used touched me deeply.  I felt both humbled and privileged to have been of some help, to have been alongside him, his team and his organisation.

Tim is also the Chief Executive Officer of BRIDGE.