My purpose is to “Believe in the Miraculous” and the extraordinary results that naturally occur when individuals, teams and organisations both align around an inspiring and meaningful purpose and have the clarity and commitment to bring that purpose to life through a strategic vision and concrete plan of action.

Anything less than reaching for the miraculous, as extreme as may sound, feels like just more of the same stuff packaged differently. Today’s leaders and people need something profoundly different to thrive in today’s complex and ambiguous world. They need to access their intuition as well as their intellect and they require inspiration, not just motivation.

When you work with me you will get someone who is authentic, insightful and likes to dive deeply to explore what’s beneath the surface of a challenge, relationship or leadership style. I love to partner with my clients and co-create interventions and solutions that impact both the bottom line and the lives of the people involved.

My favorite moments while consulting and training are nearly always when we do our best work combining purpose and trust, wherein leaders truly bring out the best in one another and their teams, transforming individual actions into group synergy and producing results beyond what they thought were possible.

I am also the proud father of two teenage daughters and have been happily married for over 20 years.  When you work with me, I’ll also give you a snippet of my life journey, which has been rich with varied experiences and has taken me many places. I am, after all, an explorer.