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How to truly bring your purpose to life.

Back by popular demand! We are hosting another Bridge Breakthrough on organisational purpose.

Two pioneering experts, Timothy Henry (Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism) and Graham Abbey (Chief Purpose Officer of Tate & Lyle) reveal trailblazing strategies that have transformed organisations.

Now more than ever organisations are yearning to create a sense of purpose in order to boost performance, unlock innovation and engage and retain talent. They are recognising the huge impact that purpose has on culture.

But how do businesses even begin to meaningfully activate their purpose across their entire organisation and reap its benefits? How do they bring it to life within their culture and leadership? How do they make their purpose relevant and credible to every single individual (customer and employee)? How do they avoid it becoming merely another mission/brand statement devised by a branding agency? Or another CSR agenda?

Two pioneering experts in the field reveal how it’s done. They share proven and practical strategies that have successfully transformed some of the world’s biggest organisations.