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Read our study to find out the five key patterns that women leaders have in common which have led to their success.

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Conscious Leadership Workshop

We are facilitating an experiential workshop at the HRD summit. In a collaborative learning environment participants will explore the tools and techniques that will enable them to cultivate consciousness and lead with greater awareness. Now more than ever organisations are understanding the need to have conscious leaders. A conscious leader is a leader who sees a need and acts to make the change happen with and through others in their organisation. Your level of consciousness, mindset around change, and courage to act all interplay to support you in leading your organisation through change.

Through an experiential 60 minutes workshop participants will explore and discover how conscious they are. Hear practical tips and techniques that will enable them to grow their consciousness, of themselves and beyond, and help you take the next steps towards becoming a truly conscious leader. This is an opportunity for you to create space for your own personal development. You’ll share and explore with like-minded peers the impact that conscious leadership can have on the evolution of your organisation.