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Read our study to find out the five key patterns that women leaders have in common which have led to their success.

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Come and join our ‘Humanity at the fore – a new source of value creation for organisations?’ virtual hangout.

Our community events ‘virtual hangouts’ are a place where we create space for our client network to pause, reflect and learn together and develop ideas around leadership and organisational development to accelerate all of our insight and thinking.

In our next session, we are continuing the themes from our last virtual hangouts where we were exploring how to ‘never let a crisis go to waste’.  One of the themes that our client community were up for exploring further was the shift they had noticed of humanity being more at the fore in organisations and how kindness vs judgement was enabling them to accelerate transformative change.


If we want to explore deeply the opportunity that a crisis or a major disruption enables, now is the time to look at how organisations are beginning to transform. One of the biggest themes our clients are noticing is how humanity is coming to the fore and how this is shifting their organisational culture and creating new sources of value.

We will bring new inputs to stimulate our dialogue as a community, with the aim of surfacing insights on how we keep moving forward and integrate these new capacities and capabilities within leaders and organisations.


Date and time: 15th October 2020, 13:00-14:30 UK

Via Zoom