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Read our study to find out the five key patterns that women leaders have in common which have led to their success.

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‘From future ‘proofing’ to letting the future in’.​ Join our community hangout and explore a different way of meeting the future.​


The world is changing so fast, and leaders are operating in a messy, post truth, sometimes borderless environment, dealing with ‘never seen before’ challenges. How do we lead successfully or impactfully in these conditions is a more and more frequently asked question from the leaders and organisations we partner with. ​

We are often asked to diagnose for clients what ‘skills’ their leaders need to develop for this emerging future. In 2022 we conducted research to inform our thinking and the way we work with our clients. ​

Looking at the challenges clients are facing, what academics and thought leaders are saying, and getting input from others in our field, we saw​ elements emerging at two logical levels:​

  • What we need our leaders to do well – ‘future skills and behaviours’​
  • What enables them to demonstrate these skills and behaviours we have called these ‘meta capacities’​

In this virtual hangout, we will share this new thinking with you and create the space to explore this emerging way of leading and relating to the future. We will explore how we can embrace the conditions we find ourselves having to navigate and find ways to see problems and complexity as a natural even enjoyable part of what it is to be a leader today. ​

Tuesday 3rd October, 12:30-14:00 UK​

Via Zoom​

​For more information please email