28th June, 2017

BridgeFest: A two day festival to explore new thinking in Organisational Development

Newbold-on-Stour, UK

In a unique and inspiring festival setting in the UK countryside, we gathered together with associates, clients, community partners and friends for two days of awakening. Sharing the latest in our innovative & disruptive thinking and design, we ran workshops that helped to create an extraordinary community and built long lasting connections.

The theme of this year’s BridgeFest was Evolution.

Humans and organisations are subject to a natural process of evolution. Growing can hurt and we can respond by either opening to the next stage of possibility or retracting back to an earlier stage.

We have developed an approach enabling leaders to understand where they are and how to move their organisation forward. Each session at BridgeFest will be another window into your personal or organisational level.

Workshops included:

Organisational Evolution Grow or Retract Is your organisation gracefully evolving into it’s next natural stage or is it chaotically resisting the changes in it’s environment? Have a play with our new toy and understand where some of the tensions in your business are coming from.

Our Systems, Our World It’s been a big year to process! An opportunity to pause and reflect on what we’re noticing and experiencing in organisations and communities. An exploration into the emerging state of our world and our current preoccupations – hopes and anxieties, progression and regression and how these can relate to our personal work, our relationships with others and our leadership.

Getting Better At Being Human The way in which we approach our life, manage our emotional state, fuel ourselves, think clearly and stay healthy are all intimately linked to the inner workings of our mind. We will explore what helps us ‘transition’ to new ways of thinking that can have a profound impact on our life experience, our stress levels and on the decisions we make.

Practices Does Not Make Perfect At a certain stage in human adult growth we start to see the road we are on more clearly and to be our own coach. We will play with the thorny areas that arise here; discipline and our doomed wish to become perfect.

Having The Difficult Conversations As human beings some of our greatest sources of energy and, at times, greatest upset relates to the quality of our relationships with others. This session gives an opportunity to learn an illuminating process and practice the skills to help you evolve the relationships you find most challenging.