I’m Victoria Veblauskaite and I am a finance administrator with Bridge Management Training.

My journey with Bridge began nearly three years ago. Each day, I am as excited as I was to come to work on the very first day that I started.

Working at Bridge is an enriching and incredible experience! It was very early on when I realised that Bridge has a unique culture. People are true and genuinely care for each other.

Fun fact: my favourite toy when I was young was not Barbie, but it was, in fact, the calculator! My love for math and organisation only grew when I became older and started a career in accounting and finance. I am a proud member of the Association of Accounting Technicians which helped me start my learning path five years ago.

I love nature, mountains and the sea. In my free time, one can find me spending a night at the mountain slopes or looking at the sunset with my partner and my dog Daisy.

Life is beautiful and I believe in living every day to its utmost, whether I’m working, traveling, or exploring a new culture or food.