My purpose is to enable leaders to become more conscious, true to who they really are and in simple terms, more human. I believe leading in this way, integrating and accepting all our qualities, can create organisations that are liberating and extraordinary places to be a part of. 

My commercial background enables me to bring business and organisational acumen to my personal approach. A relationship builder and an extrovert at heart, by staying true to my personality during my work, I am able to open up channels of discussion and exploration in a natural and honest way. In pursuit of the ambitions of the organisation, and its purpose, I listen hard during our explorations and discussions, and am courageous in illuminating the essential truths that will enable groups to move forward. I like to be prepared…but never too much. Most of all I like to laugh and ensure we get there while having fun.

My working life at BRIDGE is extraordinary.  We practice what we coach (as often as possible), holding regular internal sessions examining our purpose, methodology and our own relationships. I always come away feeling nourished and ready to take on the world. Our evenings are spent in various complicated yoga poses, or doing dynamic meditation, singing and dancing (yes, I’m often told I have an extraordinary job and I can honestly say I love my colleagues). I work part time and enjoy enormous flexibility.  I wish this empowering atmosphere for every organisation. I know that it works both personally and professionally.

I am most proud of my three daughters. Each of them spirited, confident, bright, happy and more than just occasionally a pain in the backside. I am proud to be their mum, while also having the opportunity to invest myself in BRIDGE. I love it all.