I consider myself as the ‘glue’ that keeps many things together in my work and my life in general. I love to support people around me.

The satisfaction I feel when I have or ‘we have’ achieved goals is what inspires me to want to keep doing what I do.

I am calm, caring, loyal, decicated and helpful and other people say ‘she fixes things!’  When you work with me you get commitment.  You get dedication.  You get support in any emergency, quickly and effectively.

I have been part of one of the biggest programmes in BRIDGE. I have helped to make good things happen for many involved.  I have also learnt so much about myself as well during this journey, both personally and professionally.

Taking part in the Asia Fellowship in Sri Lanka was one of the most amazing work experience I’ve ever had.  Meeting new people from all walks of life was so interesting.

Outside of work I’m proud I’ve had the courage to carve out a life here in Hong Kong away from my family and friends back in the UK.  Hong Kong is amazing on so many levels.