The values that are core to why I do what I do are fairness and integrity. Whenever I design / deliver a new programme or deliver existing content, my purpose is to try to instill a sense of these values into the hearts and minds of the audiences that I work with.

I am loyal, caring, mercurial, considerate, intelligent and stubborn. If you work with me you’ll get someone with commitment and passion, someone who picks things up quickly, who has an analytical mind and who has an intuitive feel for connecting with audiences on programmes. You will also get someone with strong opinions, who won’t necessarily agree with you just because you are the client and who won’t hesitate to share his opinions with you or disagree with you directly!

I don’t subscribe to the notion that something has to be “extraordinary” to be meaningful. I am constantly struck by the passion, the care, the brilliance of ordinary people leading ordinary lives in what others might see as ordinary jobs. For example, when I work with the most junior strata of staff in one of the world’s largest financial institutions, whose voices are rarely heard in a huge, hierarchical organisation, and I listen to their ideas and I experience their passion for their work, I am bowled over by the depth and capability that exists in every single person. This fuels my determination to make sure those voices are heard. What I endeavour to ensure is that I reflect these voices when I work with senior leaders, if to achieve nothing else but to increase their awareness and change their own perceptions as to whom else they could be learning from within their own organisations.

I am proudest of standing by my principles – for the most part – but, more recently, developing a greater capacity to hold my position lightly.