My purpose at BRIDGE is to help my colleagues feel fully supported so they can concentrate on living their own unique purpose within BRIDGE.

I am an insanely organised person. I’m also calm, determined, caring and helpful. I am grateful that we are encouraged to worked flexibly as this allows me to connect with my colleagues across the globe at times that are convenient to them, which keeps us aligned and feeling partnered. I have a real passion for what we do and I love being able to play a part in it.

I am proudest of the work that I have been involved in, with some of the community partners that BRIDGE works with. It’s during these moments of opportunity that I feel my work has the most impact and actually might makes a difference to someone’s life. One extraordinary moment that stands out over all the others is a conversation I had with a young girl from a charity we had partnered with. Talking with her and sharing some things about my own life enabled her to open up and we had a really good conversation about her hopes and dreams for the future and how she might try and achieve them. She was then able to engage in the programme much more actively and felt more at ease. In that moment I felt I had truly made a difference.

Outside of my work life I am a very proud mum and love watching my son grow up (although way too fast) and transform from a child into teenager, who is starting to find his own passion and interests in life.