My personal purpose is to enable and witness human unfolding.

It is a privilege to work with leaders as they get clear on what is really important to them and what they lead for. As the individuals unfold so does the organisation. There are some incredible moments when people come together for something great and start to see the world differently.

I am loving, exploring, unique, fun, challenging, and tall! My intention is to lead alongside others to partner and build trust that allows us to discuss what really matters. I don’t always get it right but I’m always willing to have the conversation about how we can do this better. I also like to have some fun along the way!

About my work people have said…
‘Honestly I feel – reborn, re-energised, re-focused and re-dedicated to achieve the greatness that I always dreamed off, but never really knew how to get to, both professionally and personally. This programme skilled me to simply believe again.’

I am lucky to have an extraordinary life at work as I get to meet so many different people from around the world. The nature of our work, at its best, is healthily disruptive. Personally this has taught me that wisdom comes from everyone, and to be patient, its there.