I met BRIDGE as a client about six years ago and the session resonated so deeply with me that I had to learn more. I have managed P&Ls, worked in internal HR roles in large corporations and also dabbled in academia. My experiences varied between a real sense of alignment with people and passion for the issues we were trying to impact and often an equally deep sense of alienation and powerlessness. I knew I wasn’t alone and that most of my colleagues were in the same place of wanting to make a difference and yet caught up in systems and contexts that they did not feel they could influence. I had a choice to make – either check out or make a difference.

BRIDGE provides me with a community that has the vocabulary and tools to start to reshape my own and others’ experience of their lives. Working with BRIDGE has helped me learn how to help leaders live their lives in full colour with the courage to care enough to make a difference and the clarity and commitment to do something about it. My commercial experience gives me insight into organisational dynamics that makes it possible for me to facilitate leaders and teams get quickly to clarity about their leadership agenda and get practical about how to implement it.

I am fortunate in the people and organisations I work with and my family that keeps me grounded and authentic. I teach yoga, read a lot and love to travel. I cherish the relationships I have made and at this moment – I am content!

Ranjani is also the Managing Director of BRIDGE in the Americas.