My purpose is creating workplaces that we would be happy for our children to work in.

Others talk about “illuminating the extraordinary” – I believe that I do the opposite! What I mean by that is that I regularly shine a light on the ‘ordinary’ – the little things that we habitually do day-to-day. In doing so, I notice that occasionally extraordinary things happen either within or outside of a person or people. This can lead to extraordinary outcomes or organisational performance. I believe that it is by illuminating the ordinary that the extraordinary emerges and this illumination is what I love about my working life.

I am straight talking, purposeful, supportive, fun, perceptive and clear. If you work with me you get over 30 years’ business experience. You get the real, fallible me, not the guy that was trying to prove himself 15 years ago. You will also get straight talking and a commitment to do my best in service of what you want and need.

I am proudest of my sons Nick and Rory.  At work, I am proud of the fact that we all have a purpose for doing the work that we do.