My purpose is, in a small way or ideally hopefully in a big way, work with leaders and organisations to address some of the big challenges the world is facing over the next 25 years – be it inequality, water security, sustainable growth, education, energy security, climate change or peacebuilding.

My working life is extraordinary in that I am surrounded by people whose primary interest in their work is to make a positive difference; most times when I come up with an idea, the response is “great – how can we make it happen?” I try to do the same with everyone I work with.

I am proud of many of the things I have achieved with others – such as facilitating an education policy review which led to the government introducing a Bill and passing a new law; helping a company shape a culture of safety and ensure its employees return home to their families; helping to build the BRIDGE community of remarkable people in Asia-Pacific; working with Chelsea FC and Right To Play to create a programme which enabled many children access to sport in their lives. I am proud that BRIDGE is taking its work to some of the hardest places in the world to make a positive difference there.

Outside of work, I have an amazing family, my wife and I have a son and daughter and live in Singapore. I am passionate about mountaineering and playing sport with people around the world, as well as passionate about the role of sport in society.  I also enjoy playing the piano (though have very limited talent).

Mac is also the Managing Director for BRIDGE in Asia Pacific.