I’m passionate about supporting transformative cross sector initiatives that create new depths of understanding and partnership to, in turn, influence more holistic driven and impactful long term outcomes for all.  I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to meet and work with such diverse individuals and organisations – big and small – doing some extraordinary things in the world.

I am resourceful, imaginative, dedicated, perceptive, tenacious and undaunted.  Working with me you will get an open and in-depth exploration of what’s at stake and in the realm of possibility, followed by a thoroughly thought through and diligently managed plan to put ideas into action, complimented by a willingness to respond to whatever comes up along the way as we see it through together!

I am most proud of the small part I’ve played in service of connecting people around something that matters; seeing people express their very human qualities to move and inspire each other, overcoming limitations and perceived differences.  Very humbling.