My purpose is to see the magic that I can create and achieve by empowering myself and others around me to do what they do best.

I am organised, caring, responsible, empathetic and helpful.  When you work with me you get enthusiasm, a passion for what BRIDGE does and an extremely strong customer service ethic.  I have a desire to play in all teams and to connect to clients and colleagues where ever they may be.  I also have a strong desire to improve things and partner with my colleagues to make that happen.

My extraordinary working life ensures that no two days are the same. I love the variation that I have and the people I am able to connect with each day, and I am always thinking outside the box to make things happen.  Whether they are big or small things, I know that they contribute to what makes BRIDGE special …. and that is extraordinary!

At work I am proudest of the work that I have done in improving our processes within BRIDGE and helping the organisation see the benefits of using our varied time zones to our advantage (actually being able to use 24 hours per day) rather than just seeing the problems that they create.

Outside of work I am also so proud of my two children. With my husband and my guidance they are  becoming two awesome people in their own right through their own awareness of what is right, and what is wrong.

Kirstie is also the Client Management Team lead for APAC.