My purpose is to bring more goodness into the world through helping people harness their gifts and passion to be in service for a greater good.  I live by a simple motto: “Be good. Do good.”

I am truthful, committed, easy to work with, versatile, and at times, annoyingly incisive. When you work with me, you get a partner who is both supportive and willing to challenge you to confront the truth.  I value having open, honest and mutually respectful and trusting relationships.

I absolutely love my work at BRDGE. What’s extraordinary about it is that I get to make a positive impact with our clients, whilst working with and learning from amazingly like-minded colleagues.  I find fulfilment in enabling, catalysing and witnessing the authentic conversations, genuinely heart-felt connections and often, life-changing experiences that spur the transformational shifts in leaders and the teams or organisations they lead.

As a father of two teenaged boys (a self-taught guitarist and an international math olympian who are both competitive sportsmen), I am also proud of who they are and how my wife and I have raised them to be sensible, responsible, and well-balanced human beings.

Kenny is also the Director of BRIDGE in Singapore.