My purpose is to discover and experience life with more consciousness and compassion.

My hope is to enable myself and others to get closer to our own essences, feeling alive and fulfilling about work and life. To be trusted to do our work is an incredible privilege and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to make the slightest contribution while enriching my own life during our work.

I am enthusiastic, empathetic, sensitive, courageous and curious. When you work with me you get a straightforward partner who wholeheartedly wants to co-create with you in addressing the challenges that matter most.

My biggest learning is that there’s always things on systemic level that needs to be addressed rather than the symptom clients had bring up, a bit like being a doctor, treat the cause not the system. Every time I forget this and collude with clients on the symptoms I know I’m not doing my best work.

I am also a mother and friend to my daughter, wife, a Vipassana practitioner and yoga learner. I love to explore culture and values, especially their manifestations in different systems.