I usually find myself leading for balance, and equality. It can make me a little contrary. 

I am hoping for totally new organisations to emerge and get very excited when I see people starting movements for change. I work sometimes in conflict zones and have seen that equality is a first requirement for peace.

I can be wise, sometimes funny, it’s a work in progress… I am sometimes mildly annoying! When you work with me you will get a mix; sometimes serious and focused, sometimes irreverent there is usually a lot of laughter. We will sneak out from behind any business veneer quickly I hope. I would want to be myself and hopefully you will too.

My working life is extraordinary. A group of Kashmiri women recently taught me that peace is only possible in the world when we have peace in our own minds and in our closest relationships….a tall order. The following week this idea significantly helped a group of business leaders in New York. My mother then reminded me that I probably first learned this at Jewish Sunday school. I find the way every ordinary event links to everything, extraordinary.

I feel proud when I see something we have designed being used by someone else especially if we haven’t taught it to them…

… or those moments on a workshop when the group get excited and take control and we become redundant, particularly when they start to have the courageous conversations that they have been avoiding.

Jane is also Global Capability Director of BRIDGE.