My purpose is to help human beings be more human, less judgmental, more conscious and less troubled.

I’m also very interested in teaching people how to get a ‘good night’s sleep’  because many of us I believe are profoundly tired and science is only recently showing us the impact.

If you work with me you’ll get a lot of care, some provocation, a little wisdom (that has come with age) and the worst time keeper in the world.

I’m proud of being part of BRIDGE when we break the boundaries of what we think is possible – when we take on big challenges, bigger than our size, shake things up in ways that haven’t been done before and help people see the world from new angles. I saw a young women, a voluntary mute, from one of our community partners NACRO (who work with troubled young people), speak out loud for the first time in many months due to the kindness and attention of one of our business leaders. It was a simple and extraordinary moment for both of them and one I was proud to witness.

I come from a big family of 3 sisters, 3 daughters, 11 nieces and nephews, a great niece and many ‘extras’ who join our gatherings, so my family is very important to me. I think we at BRIDGE have created an extraordinary global family. we are defying all the odds of being geographically dispersed and are hugely connected. I love hanging out with a bunch of people who drive me mad, make me laugh hysterically and I genuinely love all in equal measure.

Emma also leads our Vitality Practice globally.