My purpose is to enable others to find the courage to be who they truly can be, and live and work at a more human pace. 

I can be funny almost witty at times, I am caring, a good listener and intuitive.  If you work with me you will discover I like to explore how we can work in partnership, there will definitely be some laughter and energy in the right amounts. Sometimes I can be too honest but it is always said with a good intention.

My extraordinary life started the day I met BRIDGE. I worked in the commercial world and up until that point I lived in a world of survival and desire.  That day literally changed my life and after applying what I had learned and significantly improving my own, others and the business performance I decided I couldn’t keep this all for myself and if I could change then so could others.

I am most proud of my two daughters who are thoughtful, challenging, independent and frequently speak their own mind (don’t know who they get that from). And on top of all that I can honestly wake up every morning and say that I love what I do.