Tim Littlehales

My purpose is to play some small part in ‘raising the consciousness of humanity’, including my own.

My first experience of BRIDGE was in 1995 as a delegate on the original ‘Human Side of Management’ programme. Four years later I joined BRIDGE. Since then I have been lucky enough to work with many leaders in a […]

Graham Abbey

My purpose is that I want to change things for the better. 

There are too many people in this world who don’t have even the basic requirements for a happy life, and I believe that economic growth is essential for society to function effectively.  This places businesses in a critical role in improving our society, yet […]

Sophie Ireland

My purpose is to enable leaders to become more conscious, true to who they really are and in simple terms, more human. I believe leading in this way, integrating and accepting all our qualities, can create organisations that are liberating and extraordinary places to be a part of. 

My commercial background enables me to bring […]

Lee Sears

Helping CEOs to imagine a better future.

As the founder of BRIDGE I’d say that almost every day of my working life is / has been extraordinary. I’ve been a part of many life-changing moments over the last 25 years.

One of my proudest moments was watching a hugely successful and driven CEO help a young offender […]

Jane Sassienie

I usually find myself leading for balance, and equality. It can make me a little contrary. 

I am hoping for totally new organisations to emerge and get very excited when I see people starting movements for change. I work sometimes in conflict zones and have seen that equality is a first requirement for peace.

I can be […]

Emma Markwick

My purpose is to help human beings be more human, less judgmental, more conscious and less troubled.

I’m also very interested in teaching people how to get a ‘good night’s sleep’  because many of us I believe are profoundly tired and science is only recently showing us the impact.

If you work with me you’ll get a […]

Mike Jones

My purpose is to support people to lead for what’s important to them; to help them think about what they stand for and to support them in having the confidence to give it a go.

I have an extraordinary work life in that I get to be fully myself and to do the work I really […]

Pete Green

My purpose is creating workplaces that we would be happy for our children to work in.

Others talk about “illuminating the extraordinary” – I believe that I do the opposite! What I mean by that is that I regularly shine a light on the ‘ordinary’ – the little things that we habitually do day-to-day. In doing […]

Lianna Richardson

My purpose is to use helpful truths to unlock a sense of possibility for people so that they can achieve the things that are most important to them and their organisations.

When you work with me you get support and challenge in equal measure.  You will also get lots of fun and laughter, as work is […]

Naomi Telfer

My purpose is to live for a freer world – and play my part by helping people find freedom, hope and meet their full potential. I believe every individual and organisation has the raw ingredients to make a powerful and positive difference on the planet – and I love to play a role in helping […]