My purpose is to help leaders be extraordinary versions of themselves and create organisations where they help others around them be that too. Ultimately I want organisations to be places where people can be real and human and do great things in the world.

I am kind, loving, honest, challenging and reflective. When you work with me you get a partner. I like to work side by side my clients and roll up my sleeves and help people make things happen in their organisations. I am fun, hardworking and won’t let you down. I listen deeply, even to what you are not saying and I will call it out and challenge you if I think you are not speaking your truth. Some of my great friends are my previous clients or colleagues and I like to really get to know who you are and what’s important to you both inside and outside of work. I like to make you shine and be successful on your journey and whatever you want to make happen.

I feel blessed to live an extraordinary life everyday, even on the ordinary days. Everyday working for BRIDGE gives me an opportunity to meet the most amazing people who share their lives inside and outside of work with us with such trust and humility. I don’t believe we can do what we do everyday and not be the change. In BRIDGE, we try hard to practice what we preach. I come to work everyday being who I really am, good and bad. I think that is pretty extraordinary and freeing. I get to do this amazing work and still be a good enough mum to my two amazing boys and juggle it all like everyone else, but I get out of bed (most) mornings feeling happy that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing in the world on all fronts.

Carla also leads Strategy and Operations for BRIDGE globally.