I love organising and planning in order to make things happen and to support other people with delivering their role.

I am approachable, trustworthy, self-motivated, calm, committed and funny. If you work with me you get honest opinions, openness to new ideas and a commitment that the job will be done to the best of my ability. I like to work with other people that are equally committed and who care as much as I do about how we are viewed and I get frustrated when this is not apparent.

Working outside of my home country, mixing with clients and colleagues from different countries and different background, learning about new cultures and ways of life, building friendships and seeing the results of the work I do makes my working life extraordinary.

Outside work I am proud of setting up a life for myself and for my family in Singapore, as well as having the courage to take the opportunity in the first instance. At work I am proud of building strong relationships with my global colleagues, helping with the setup of an amazing office, supporting my colleagues in making a difference to organisations and individuals.