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Victoria Veblauskaite

I’m Victoria Veblauskaite and I am a finance administrator with Bridge Management Training.

My journey with Bridge began nearly three years ago. Each day, I am as excited as I was to come to work on the very first day that I started.

Working at Bridge is an enriching and incredible experience! It was very early on when I […]

Jason Furness

My purpose is to make a positive difference in as many people’s lives as possible.

I am open, fun, empathetic, direct and inclusive. When working with me you will get someone who is open to ideas and who is very comfortable with trying new approaches. I love structure with freedom to flow within it. I welcome […]

Alix Farquhar

My purpose is to bring greater harmony into our world.

I believe we have reached a tipping point in business and society where we need to evolve and collaborate better to solve the complex problems we have created. I love being part of that change, in all its messiness and glory.

People generally appreciate my unbounded energy […]

Kirstie O’Donnell

My purpose is to see the magic that I can create and achieve by empowering myself and others around me to do what they do best.

I am organised, caring, responsible, empathetic and helpful.  When you work with me you get enthusiasm, a passion for what BRIDGE does and an extremely strong customer service ethic.  I […]

Clare Furness

My purpose is to make a difference in everything I do to countries, communities and clients.  It’s the reason I love my job and why I am truly motivated to do what I do.

I am loyal, passionate, friendly, reliable and honest.  When you work with me you get some one who loves to work as […]

Sheena Few

I consider myself as the ‘glue’ that keeps many things together in my work and my life in general. I love to support people around me.

The satisfaction I feel when I have or ‘we have’ achieved goals is what inspires me to want to keep doing what I do.

I am calm, caring, loyal, decicated and […]

Michael Connor

My purpose is to “Believe in the Miraculous” and the extraordinary results that naturally occur when individuals, teams and organisations both align around an inspiring and meaningful purpose and have the clarity and commitment to bring that purpose to life through a strategic vision and concrete plan of action.

Anything less than reaching for the miraculous, […]

James Boddy

My purpose is to spark the conversations that really matter.

I’ve found that leadership development and coaching open up a powerful space for these conversations. When effectively done, it’s inspiring, addictive, and deeply fulfilling.

I took the risky step of leaving a successful career as a barrister in order to pursue the work that drives me. I […]

Tammy Papadopoulos

I have to love what I do to feel purposeful in my role. BRIDGE is my absolute home because I love my job! I am very compassionate about my work. I love helping others and making clients / co-workers happy.

I am organised, detail-orientated, passionate, energetic, a planner and a great coordinator. I am really easy […]

Breann Lynn

My purpose is to provide support for the North American director, principals, associates, and clients. I enjoy my role within BRIDGE, and love our work.

I am quirky, intentional, easygoing, organised, helpful and passionate. If you work with me you’ll get a character that is very organised and focused at work. I enjoy supporting our staff […]