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Sarah Clements

My purpose at BRIDGE is to help my colleagues feel fully supported so they can concentrate on living their own unique purpose within BRIDGE.

I am an insanely organised person. I’m also calm, determined, caring and helpful. I am grateful that we are encouraged to worked flexibly as this allows me to connect with my colleagues […]

Stephanie Cunnah

My purpose is to support my colleagues so we are able to continue our work in helping others find the best versions of themselves.

I would describe myself as an organised, compassionate, loyal and light-hearted person. I think that these traits help me to fulfil my purpose. I like to work in partnership with my colleagues […]

Freddie Andersson

My purpose at BRIDGE is to support our global clients.

I believe I am seen as someone you can give a project to who you can trust to deliver. I am comfortable asking questions where I need to in order that the end result is the best that it can be for all concerned.

I feel that […]

Lorraine Calvert

My purpose in life is to make a difference to others whilst enjoying myself too.

I love my working life as it gives me the chance to connect with people from all sorts of different places. It is great to work for a company where it feels like we really do have a voice and can […]

Suzanne Darkins

Tiranth Amarasinghe

My purpose is to bring to life the best of BRIDGE and help both myself and others find the balance between our professional and human selves.

I joined BRIDGE in 2017 and responsible for our global brand and marketing activity and how potential clients experience us initially.

Having started my career in advertising, working with some of […]

Jess Martin-Wells

Becky Clarke

Alex Rola

My purpose at BRIDGE is to support my colleagues and the business to the best of my ability.

I am a kind idealist who always tries to look on the bright side.

I like to work in a logical, organised and fun way while remaining professional; always trying to make complex situations seem simple.

The fact that I […]

Emma Thorpe

My purpose is to fulfil my role in BRIDGE as effectively as I can.

I am kind, emotional, honest, entertaining, chatty and caring. I will try and make light of things to make something difficult feel comfortable, I always try to help where I can and I will always give something my best shot (even if […]