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Robert Watkins

My personal purpose is to enable and witness human unfolding.

It is a privilege to work with leaders as they get clear on what is really important to them and what they lead for. As the individuals unfold so does the organisation. There are some incredible moments when people come together for something great and start […]

Julia Zhu

My purpose is to discover and experience life with more consciousness and compassion.

My hope is to enable myself and others to get closer to our own essences, feeling alive and fulfilling about work and life. To be trusted to do our work is an incredible privilege and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to make […]

Bev Prior

I love organising and planning in order to make things happen and to support other people with delivering their role.

I am approachable, trustworthy, self-motivated, calm, committed and funny. If you work with me you get honest opinions, openness to new ideas and a commitment that the job will be done to the best of my […]

Divya Parmar

My purpose is to make people around me happy and support them in every way I can.

I am energetic, friendly, optimistic, fun, sociable and talkative. I love working in a team and keep the energy flowing till the end of the task. If we work together we can come up with amazing ideas of doing […]

Ranjani Iyengar

I met BRIDGE as a client about six years ago and the session resonated so deeply with me that I had to learn more. I have managed P&Ls, worked in internal HR roles in large corporations and also dabbled in academia. My experiences varied between a real sense of alignment with people and passion for […]


BRIDGE was an early pioneer in helping businesses explore the ethical and human sides of organisational life. Much of our work has been about exploring the link between higher order purposes of business and new ways of driving growth and profitability.

Whether you have a purpose that you want to reinvigorate or if you are unclear […]