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Emma Markwick

My purpose is to help human beings be more human, less judgmental, more conscious and less troubled.

I’m also very interested in teaching people how to get a ‘good night’s sleep’  because many of us I believe are profoundly tired and science is only recently showing us the impact.

If you work with me you’ll get a […]

Mike Jones

My purpose is to support people to lead for what’s important to them; to help them think about what they stand for and to support them in having the confidence to give it a go.

I have an extraordinary work life in that I get to be fully myself and to do the work I really […]

Pete Green

My purpose is creating workplaces that we would be happy for our children to work in.

Others talk about “illuminating the extraordinary” – I believe that I do the opposite! What I mean by that is that I regularly shine a light on the ‘ordinary’ – the little things that we habitually do day-to-day. In doing […]

Cordelia Grant

My purpose is to enable others to find the courage to be who they truly can be, and live and work at a more human pace. 

I can be funny almost witty at times, I am caring, a good listener and intuitive.  If you work with me you will discover I like to explore how we […]

Jo Owen

My purpose is to break down normal boundaries so that people feel they are pulling in the same direction when they are working together.

I am loving, sociable, determined, bubbly and professional. I believe in working in partnership with my clients. This is some feedback I am really proud of which shows my commitment to partnership…

‘As […]

Bryony Rice

Working as a Programme Manager my purpose is to help create great experiences for clients working with BRIDGE.

I do this by managing and organising the day-to-day logistics of projects from scheduling workshops to tracking milestones and being the first point of contact for clients.

I am conscientious, kind, honest, and most often called calm. I am […]

Mac McKenzie

My purpose is, in a small way or ideally hopefully in a big way, work with leaders and organisations to address some of the big challenges the world is facing over the next 25 years – be it inequality, water security, sustainable growth, education, energy security, climate change or peacebuilding.

My working life is extraordinary in […]

Kenny Toh

My purpose is to bring more goodness into the world through helping people harness their gifts and passion to be in service for a greater good.  I live by a simple motto: “Be good. Do good.”

I am truthful, committed, easy to work with, versatile, and at times, annoyingly incisive. When you work with me, you […]

Carla Henry

My purpose is to help leaders be extraordinary versions of themselves and create organisations where they help others around them be that too. Ultimately I want organisations to be places where people can be real and human and do great things in the world.

I am kind, loving, honest, challenging and reflective. When you work with […]

Robert Watkins

My personal purpose is to enable and witness human unfolding.

It is a privilege to work with leaders as they get clear on what is really important to them and what they lead for. As the individuals unfold so does the organisation. There are some incredible moments when people come together for something great and start […]