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Jane Sassienie

I usually find myself leading for balance, and equality. It can make me a little contrary. 

I am hoping for totally new organisations to emerge and get very excited when I see people starting movements for change. I work sometimes in conflict zones and have seen that equality is a first requirement for peace.

I can be […]

Emma Markwick

My purpose is to help human beings be more human, less judgmental, more conscious and less troubled.

I’m also very interested in teaching people how to get a ‘good night’s sleep’  because many of us I believe are profoundly tired and science is only recently showing us the impact.

If you work with me you’ll get a […]

Mike Jones

My purpose is to support people to lead for what’s important to them; to help them think about what they stand for and to support them in having the confidence to give it a go.

I have an extraordinary work life in that I get to be fully myself and to do the work I really […]

Pete Green

My purpose is creating workplaces that we would be happy for our children to work in.

Others talk about “illuminating the extraordinary” – I believe that I do the opposite! What I mean by that is that I regularly shine a light on the ‘ordinary’ – the little things that we habitually do day-to-day. In doing […]

Cordelia Grant

My purpose is to enable others to find the courage to be who they truly can be, and live and work at a more human pace. 

I can be funny almost witty at times, I am caring, a good listener and intuitive.  If you work with me you will discover I like to explore how we […]

Jo Owen

My purpose is to break down normal boundaries so that people feel they are pulling in the same direction when they are working together.

I am loving, sociable, determined, bubbly and professional. I believe in working in partnership with my clients. This is some feedback I am really proud of which shows my commitment to partnership…

‘As […]

Bryony Rice

Working as a Programme Manager my purpose is to help create great experiences for clients working with BRIDGE.

I do this by managing and organising the day-to-day logistics of projects from scheduling workshops to tracking milestones and being the first point of contact for clients.

I am conscientious, kind, honest, and most often called calm. I am […]

Mac McKenzie

My purpose is, in a small way or ideally hopefully in a big way, work with leaders and organisations to address some of the big challenges the world is facing over the next 25 years – be it inequality, water security, sustainable growth, education, energy security, climate change or peacebuilding.

My working life is extraordinary in […]

Kenny Toh

My purpose is to bring more goodness into the world through helping people harness their gifts and passion to be in service for a greater good.  I live by a simple motto: “Be good. Do good.”

I am truthful, committed, easy to work with, versatile, and at times, annoyingly incisive. When you work with me, you […]

Carla Henry

My purpose is to help leaders be extraordinary versions of themselves and create organisations where they help others around them be that too. Ultimately I want organisations to be places where people can be real and human and do great things in the world.

I am kind, loving, honest, challenging and reflective. When you work with […]