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Timothy Henry
Timothy Henry Co-CEO & Managing Partner

My purpose is to catalyse and coach leaders and organizations to accelerate the journey to becoming great organizations and to be as human as the people who work in them.

I’m the co-CEO and Managing Partner of BRIDGE having joined in 2017 and bring with me over 30 years of experience working as a trusted business advisor; from Fortune 20 to entrepreneurial, owner managed businesses, across the globe.

A former Principal at Booz, Allen and Hamilton in New York and Tokyo, I have subsequently worked closely with David Norton and Bob Kaplan on the Balanced Scorecard and with Bill George (author of “Authentic Leadership” and “True North”) on executive programs at HBS. I have helped develop and grow two start-up consulting firms; I serve as the Chair of the Board for Syntrio Inc.,a company focused training for HR compliance and ethics issues. I am also a Trustee of Conscious Capitalism, which I have co-founded, and co-author of the forth coming publication “The Conscious Capitalism Field Guide” from Harvard Business Press.

The focus of my work at BRIDGE is the transformation of leaders and their organizations – by enhancing trust, shifting mindsets, fostering courageous conversations and improving decision making. I’m passionate about coaching leaders to bring organisational purpose to life and support them in developing purpose-led strategies to ensure sustainable longer-term success.

I’m a graduate of Magdalen College, Oxford University, England in PPE and the University of Southern California where I received an honors degree in interdisciplinary studies- Psychology, Biology and Philosophy.

Fabienne and I commute between Boston and London, and I’m a proud father and step father to five young adults. When not at work, I enjoy going to the theatre in London, hiking, and staying fit and well in the fullest sense of the word.

Timothy Henry
Tim Littlehales Client Director

My purpose is to play some small part in ‘raising the consciousness of humanity’, including my own.

My first experience of BRIDGE was in 1995 as a delegate on the original ‘Human Side of Management’ programme. Four years later I joined BRIDGE. Since then I have been lucky enough to work with many leaders in a variety of organisations supporting them uncover and connect to parts of themselves that are truly extraordinary.  I love working at the intersection of deep personal transformation, change strategy (particularly the hard bit of shifting attitudes and behaviours), and business strategy.

Some I’ve worked with have been generous enough to describe me as insightful, persistent, challenging, honest, and courageous. I’d add ‘always learning’.  My starting point is understanding what’s truly important to you. You’ll get a thinking partner and my best efforts at joining the dots and surfacing insight about what’s really going on – in you, in your team, with your people, and in your organisation. And I’ll always be looking for how what we are doing together can be a force for good in the world.

A few years ago at the end of what had been a challenging year for a senior leader leading a big transformation in his business, he texted me to thank me for my partnership. He said ‘thank you for helping us uncover the soul of our organisation’. The words he used touched me deeply.  I felt both humbled and privileged to have been of some help, to have been alongside him, his team and his organisation.

Tim is also the Chief Executive Officer of BRIDGE.

Graham Abbey Client Director

My purpose is that I want to change things for the better. 

There are too many people in this world who don’t have even the basic requirements for a happy life, and I believe that economic growth is essential for society to function effectively.  This places businesses in a critical role in improving our society, yet many don’t even recognise this, let alone act on it explicitly. If I can wake a few leaders up to their power, its possibility, and help them be more purposeful, I’ll have done my bit.

I run a regular programme in South Africa where we immerse leaders in the complexities of the transformation that has been taking place there over the last 20 years post-apartheid. I have met Nobel Prize winners, near legendary black and white business leaders, current top politicians, but what always strikes me as extraordinary is what the ‘ordinary’ people we meet have achieved, often with none of the advantages or context many of us have.  Every programme reminds me deeply of the extraordinary capability we all have within us to change ourselves, others and our world in the process.

I am thoughtful, hardworking, curious, caring, idealistic and insightful. If you work with me you will get someone who wants to understand you and your world before he does anything.

Cliched as it is, I’m proudest of my kids – Caitlin, Dan and Nell. They make me feel proud pretty much everyday (and many other feelings too!) I am always struck by their ability to learn, to face new things in their lives, react to them and grow as a consequence. I am proud of this in myself too, I have an ability to seek out the new and different, to continue to challenge my understanding of the world, and to not think I have it all worked out. In the words of Paul Weller – ‘The more I see, the more I know. The more I know, the less I understand. I am the Changingman’.

Graham also leads Research and Insight for BRIDGE globally and is the Managing Director of BRIDGE for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Sophie Ireland Client Director

My purpose is to enable leaders to become more conscious, true to who they really are and in simple terms, more human. I believe leading in this way, integrating and accepting all our qualities, can create organisations that are liberating and extraordinary places to be a part of. 

My commercial background enables me to bring business and organisational acumen to my personal approach. A relationship builder and an extrovert at heart, by staying true to my personality during my work, I am able to open up channels of discussion and exploration in a natural and honest way. In pursuit of the ambitions of the organisation, and its purpose, I listen hard during our explorations and discussions, and am courageous in illuminating the essential truths that will enable groups to move forward. I like to be prepared…but never too much. Most of all I like to laugh and ensure we get there while having fun.

My working life at BRIDGE is extraordinary.  We practice what we coach (as often as possible), holding regular internal sessions examining our purpose, methodology and our own relationships. I always come away feeling nourished and ready to take on the world. Our evenings are spent in various complicated yoga poses, or doing dynamic meditation, singing and dancing (yes, I’m often told I have an extraordinary job and I can honestly say I love my colleagues). I work part time and enjoy enormous flexibility.  I wish this empowering atmosphere for every organisation. I know that it works both personally and professionally.

I am most proud of my three daughters. Each of them spirited, confident, bright, happy and more than just occasionally a pain in the backside. I am proud to be their mum, while also having the opportunity to invest myself in BRIDGE. I love it all.

Jane Sassienie Client Director

I usually find myself leading for balance, and equality. It can make me a little contrary. 

I am hoping for totally new organisations to emerge and get very excited when I see people starting movements for change. I work sometimes in conflict zones and have seen that equality is a first requirement for peace.

I can be wise, sometimes funny, it’s a work in progress… I am sometimes mildly annoying! When you work with me you will get a mix; sometimes serious and focused, sometimes irreverent there is usually a lot of laughter. We will sneak out from behind any business veneer quickly I hope. I would want to be myself and hopefully you will too.

My working life is extraordinary. A group of Kashmiri women recently taught me that peace is only possible in the world when we have peace in our own minds and in our closest relationships….a tall order. The following week this idea significantly helped a group of business leaders in New York. My mother then reminded me that I probably first learned this at Jewish Sunday school. I find the way every ordinary event links to everything, extraordinary.

I feel proud when I see something we have designed being used by someone else especially if we haven’t taught it to them…

… or those moments on a workshop when the group get excited and take control and we become redundant, particularly when they start to have the courageous conversations that they have been avoiding.

Jane is also Global Capability Director of BRIDGE.

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Emma Markwick Client Director

My purpose is to help human beings be more human, less judgmental, more conscious and less troubled.

I’m also very interested in teaching people how to get a ‘good night’s sleep’  because many of us I believe are profoundly tired and science is only recently showing us the impact.

If you work with me you’ll get a lot of care, some provocation, a little wisdom (that has come with age) and the worst time keeper in the world.

I’m proud of being part of BRIDGE when we break the boundaries of what we think is possible – when we take on big challenges, bigger than our size, shake things up in ways that haven’t been done before and help people see the world from new angles. I saw a young women, a voluntary mute, from one of our community partners NACRO (who work with troubled young people), speak out loud for the first time in many months due to the kindness and attention of one of our business leaders. It was a simple and extraordinary moment for both of them and one I was proud to witness.

I come from a big family of 3 sisters, 3 daughters, 11 nieces and nephews, a great niece and many ‘extras’ who join our gatherings, so my family is very important to me. I think we at BRIDGE have created an extraordinary global family. we are defying all the odds of being geographically dispersed and are hugely connected. I love hanging out with a bunch of people who drive me mad, make me laugh hysterically and I genuinely love all in equal measure.

Emma also leads our Vitality Practice globally.

Mike Jones Client Director

My purpose is to support people to lead for what’s important to them; to help them think about what they stand for and to support them in having the confidence to give it a go.

I have an extraordinary work life in that I get to be fully myself and to do the work I really enjoy in some fun locations and with an incredible mix of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

I am sociable, authentic, occasionally rebellious, challenging, fun and daring. If you work with me you’ll get someone who loves to partner, and to lead together, in a way that brings out the best in us both. And for it to be fun.

I am proudest of having learnt to not take myself so seriously.

Pete Green Lead Consultant

My purpose is creating workplaces that we would be happy for our children to work in.

Others talk about “illuminating the extraordinary” – I believe that I do the opposite! What I mean by that is that I regularly shine a light on the ‘ordinary’ – the little things that we habitually do day-to-day. In doing so, I notice that occasionally extraordinary things happen either within or outside of a person or people. This can lead to extraordinary outcomes or organisational performance. I believe that it is by illuminating the ordinary that the extraordinary emerges and this illumination is what I love about my working life.

I am straight talking, purposeful, supportive, fun, perceptive and clear. If you work with me you get over 30 years’ business experience. You get the real, fallible me, not the guy that was trying to prove himself 15 years ago. You will also get straight talking and a commitment to do my best in service of what you want and need.

I am proudest of my sons Nick and Rory.  At work, I am proud of the fact that we all have a purpose for doing the work that we do.

Lianna Richardson Principal Consultant

My purpose is to use helpful truths to unlock a sense of possibility for people so that they can achieve the things that are most important to them and their organisations.

When you work with me you get support and challenge in equal measure.  You will also get lots of fun and laughter, as work is often serious enough.  I bring real clarity on where we can add value and add a measure of corporate reality given my previous life with PepsiCo.  My recent work has also shown me how important client partnerships are to me.  Having that connection, fully understanding and surfacing insight around their needs and then creating interventions which unlocks the extraordinary for them is what makes my work meaningful.

Most of the extraordinary elements of my life have been connected to BRIDGE in some way.  My decision to make different choices in how I lead; to step out of a comfortable corporate life; to commit and train for a marathon; the realisation that creating and nourishing my family were far more important than my own ambition, have all been as a result of my leadership journey in partnership with BRIDGE.  I am proudest of making the choices to create the extraordinary for myself – I choose how I work and how this fits in with my fabulous 2 year old daughter (and with the unknown of a second on the way). It will never be perfect, but I’m happy!

Louise Foreman Consultant

I’m passionate about supporting transformative cross sector initiatives that create new depths of understanding and partnership to, in turn, influence more holistic driven and impactful long term outcomes for all.  I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to meet and work with such diverse individuals and organisations – big and small – doing some extraordinary things in the world.

I am resourceful, imaginative, dedicated, perceptive, tenacious and undaunted.  Working with me you will get an open and in-depth exploration of what’s at stake and in the realm of possibility, followed by a thoroughly thought through and diligently managed plan to put ideas into action, complimented by a willingness to respond to whatever comes up along the way as we see it through together!

I am most proud of the small part I’ve played in service of connecting people around something that matters; seeing people express their very human qualities to move and inspire each other, overcoming limitations and perceived differences.  Very humbling.

Cordelia Grant Lead Consultant

My purpose is to enable others to find the courage to be who they truly can be, and live and work at a more human pace. 

I can be funny almost witty at times, I am caring, a good listener and intuitive.  If you work with me you will discover I like to explore how we can work in partnership, there will definitely be some laughter and energy in the right amounts. Sometimes I can be too honest but it is always said with a good intention.

My extraordinary life started the day I met BRIDGE. I worked in the commercial world and up until that point I lived in a world of survival and desire.  That day literally changed my life and after applying what I had learned and significantly improving my own, others and the business performance I decided I couldn’t keep this all for myself and if I could change then so could others.

I am most proud of my two daughters who are thoughtful, challenging, independent and frequently speak their own mind (don’t know who they get that from). And on top of all that I can honestly wake up every morning and say that I love what I do.

Shajeev Wanigasekara Principal Consultant

The values that are core to why I do what I do are fairness and integrity. Whenever I design / deliver a new programme or deliver existing content, my purpose is to try to instill a sense of these values into the hearts and minds of the audiences that I work with.

I am loyal, caring, mercurial, considerate, intelligent and stubborn. If you work with me you’ll get someone with commitment and passion, someone who picks things up quickly, who has an analytical mind and who has an intuitive feel for connecting with audiences on programmes. You will also get someone with strong opinions, who won’t necessarily agree with you just because you are the client and who won’t hesitate to share his opinions with you or disagree with you directly!

I don’t subscribe to the notion that something has to be “extraordinary” to be meaningful. I am constantly struck by the passion, the care, the brilliance of ordinary people leading ordinary lives in what others might see as ordinary jobs. For example, when I work with the most junior strata of staff in one of the world’s largest financial institutions, whose voices are rarely heard in a huge, hierarchical organisation, and I listen to their ideas and I experience their passion for their work, I am bowled over by the depth and capability that exists in every single person. This fuels my determination to make sure those voices are heard. What I endeavour to ensure is that I reflect these voices when I work with senior leaders, if to achieve nothing else but to increase their awareness and change their own perceptions as to whom else they could be learning from within their own organisations.

I am proudest of standing by my principles – for the most part – but, more recently, developing a greater capacity to hold my position lightly.

Sarah Clements EA

My purpose at BRIDGE is to help my colleagues feel fully supported so they can concentrate on living their own unique purpose within BRIDGE.

I am an insanely organised person. I’m also calm, determined, caring and helpful. I am grateful that we are encouraged to worked flexibly as this allows me to connect with my colleagues across the globe at times that are convenient to them, which keeps us aligned and feeling partnered. I have a real passion for what we do and I love being able to play a part in it.

I am proudest of the work that I have been involved in, with some of the community partners that BRIDGE works with. It’s during these moments of opportunity that I feel my work has the most impact and actually might makes a difference to someone’s life. One extraordinary moment that stands out over all the others is a conversation I had with a young girl from a charity we had partnered with. Talking with her and sharing some things about my own life enabled her to open up and we had a really good conversation about her hopes and dreams for the future and how she might try and achieve them. She was then able to engage in the programme much more actively and felt more at ease. In that moment I felt I had truly made a difference.

Outside of my work life I am a very proud mum and love watching my son grow up (although way too fast) and transform from a child into teenager, who is starting to find his own passion and interests in life.

Stephanie Cunnah EA

My purpose is to support my colleagues so we are able to continue our work in helping others find the best versions of themselves.

I would describe myself as an organised, compassionate, loyal and light-hearted person. I think that these traits help me to fulfil my purpose. I like to work in partnership with my colleagues and the clients I support and I believe that this is what makes great working relationships.

Inside work, I am most proud of supporting the consultants in their roles and I love watching programmes come to life and run their course, noticing the difference that it makes to the participants both professionally and personally.

Outside work, I would say my biggest achievement to date was travelling alone to South Africa for a month to support wildlife conservation, research and education, specifically working with big cats.

If I’m not exploring a new city with my best friend, you’d probably find me swimming, attending gigs, researching my next interior design project or laughing until my sides hurt with my family and friends!

Steph is also our HR Adminstrator within BRIDGE.

Freddie Andersson GLOBAL client Manager

My purpose at BRIDGE is to support our global clients.

I believe I am seen as someone you can give a project to who you can trust to deliver. I am comfortable asking questions where I need to in order that the end result is the best that it can be for all concerned.

I feel that I have been instrumental in the systems and processes we now have in place globally – I hope I have simplified everything so that we can all concentrate on the extraordinary work we do and not on where the templates are kept.

I’m really passionate about what I do and about how that adds to the work that BRIDGE does.

Jo Owen Global Client Manager

My purpose is to break down normal boundaries so that people feel they are pulling in the same direction when they are working together.

I am loving, sociable, determined, bubbly and professional. I believe in working in partnership with my clients. This is some feedback I am really proud of which shows my commitment to partnership…

‘As a client I always find Jo to be extremely helpful, friendly and willing to take responsibility for whatever it takes to get things done. In busy times, Jo is always first to offer to step in and assist. Jo took the lead this year for our project team calls and very efficiently managed the flow of each call ensuring that we covered our agenda each time. She is not afraid to make suggestions and offer up ideas for improving ways of working and outside of our calls keeps in touch which is really appreciated. I think one of the best measures of success for me is that I regularly forget when chatting to Jo that we actually don’t work for the same company – it always feels that we are really aligned and I know I can rely on her to deliver’.

My extraordinary working life means I have the freedom to be myself and the feeling that I am making a real difference in the work that I am involved in. I am proudest of my son and watching him grow in to an amazing young man.

Bryony Rice Programme Manager

Working as a Programme Manager my purpose is to help create great experiences for clients working with BRIDGE.

I do this by managing and organising the day-to-day logistics of projects from scheduling workshops to tracking milestones and being the first point of contact for clients.

I am conscientious, kind, honest, and most often called calm. I am someone who likes to work in a logical way and I hope that comes across in my projects along with a true willingness to work in partnership to create great experiences for our clients.

I am proud to have achieved a degree in Criminology and Psychological Studies in 2008 and in my working life, to have qualified as a Prince 2 Practitioner. Moving to London from Devon where I grew up, to find a place to call home in the city is something I am grateful to have achieved.

Bryony is also the Client Management Team lead for EMEA.


Carly Dicicco Programme Manager

My purpose is ensuring that my colleagues and the clients that we work with are supported through their journey with BRIDGE from beginning to end.

I am a loving, happy and very positive person and am lucky enough to work alongside a group of energetic and inspiring people on a daily basis. Working with me, you will get an organised and dependable person with lots of fun and laughter along the way.

I am most proud of the opportunities I have had to work with young people, helping them to realise their potential and making a difference to their lives. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with my new mentee in the next few weeks.

Lorraine Calvert Associate Relationship Manager, EMEA

My purpose in life is to make a difference to others whilst enjoying myself too.

I love my working life as it gives me the chance to connect with people from all sorts of different places. It is great to work for a company where it feels like we really do have a voice and can make a difference to the working environment as well as how we interact with others.

People who work with me get a caring, supportive and considerate tam member who likes to be friends with the people I work with. At the end of the day we are all people, whatever role we have or wherever we work.

I am most proud of my family and their caring ways in everything they do. We are all involved in volunteering with all of us supporting the local NCT branch, and my husband being a Scout leader. In 2016 I was awarded a highly commended “Volunteer behind the scenes” in the NCT Stars Awards for East England.

Suzanne Darkins Global Finance Manager
Tiranth Amarasinghe
Tiranth Amarasinghe Global Marketing Manager

My purpose is to bring to life the best of BRIDGE and help both myself and others find the balance between our professional and human selves.

I joined BRIDGE in 2017 and responsible for our global brand and marketing activity and how potential clients experience us initially.

Having started my career in advertising, working with some of the leading independent and network agencies, I went on to work in numerous client-side marketing roles in automotive, travel & leisure, oil & gas, shipping and logistics industries. In addition to working in both brand and product management roles at Chevron, I was also privileged to be seconded to the additional role of Demand Manager; where I had the opportunity to work very closely with the senior leadership team on a global transformation programme and lead the Sales & Operational Planning process. Prior to joining BRIDGE I’ve worked in marketing and business development consultancy roles in the creative and digital industry.

I’m a MBA from Manchester Business School and a graduate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I’m passionate about continuous learning and self-development, and in my path of cultivating mindfulness and non-attachment.

In my spare time you can find outdoors hiking or playing sport, as well as practicing yoga. I also enjoy reading, travel, theatre, cinema and volunteering.

Tiranth Amarasinghe
Jess Martin-Wells Senior Finance Assistant
Becky Clarke Finance Assistant
Alex Rola Finance Assistant

My purpose at BRIDGE is to support my colleagues and the business to the best of my ability.

I am a kind idealist who always tries to look on the bright side.

I like to work in a logical, organised and fun way while remaining professional; always trying to make complex situations seem simple.

The fact that I can be myself at work and that I like what I do makes my working life extraordinary.

I am proud of my educational achievements so far and being able to find the balance between developing my career and ticking off my bucket list.

Emma Thorpe Finance Administrator

My purpose is to fulfil my role in BRIDGE as effectively as I can.

I am kind, emotional, honest, entertaining, chatty and caring. I will try and make light of things to make something difficult feel comfortable, I always try to help where I can and I will always give something my best shot (even if it doesn’t work).

My extraordinary work life consists of being part of an extraordinary team.

I am proud of my partner, children and grandson.

Victoria Veblauskaite Finance Assistant

I’m Victoria Veblauskaite and I am a finance administrator with Bridge Management Training.

My journey with Bridge began nearly three years ago. Each day, I am as excited as I was to come to work on the very first day that I started.

Working at Bridge is an enriching and incredible experience! It was very early on when I realised that Bridge has a unique culture. People are true and genuinely care for each other.

Fun fact: my favourite toy when I was young was not Barbie, but it was, in fact, the calculator! My love for math and organisation only grew when I became older and started a career in accounting and finance. I am a proud member of the Association of Accounting Technicians which helped me start my learning path five years ago.

I love nature, mountains and the sea. In my free time, one can find me spending a night at the mountain slopes or looking at the sunset with my partner and my dog Daisy.

Life is beautiful and I believe in living every day to its utmost, whether I’m working, traveling, or exploring a new culture or food.

Paul Marin Finance Assistant

My purpose is to learn and grow, to go through new experiences and develop myself as a person as well as my career.

At BRIDGE I work with the Australian team in the APAC hub, as well as produce monthly Global reports.

The great thing about working at BRIDGE is that everyone is so helpful and friendly. It really makes you feel at ease and part of a team.

Fun fact: I once dressed up as a banana on Halloween (and the two people in the office supposed to be scared of my costume were absent on the day …)

Mac McKenzie Client Director

My purpose is, in a small way or ideally hopefully in a big way, work with leaders and organisations to address some of the big challenges the world is facing over the next 25 years – be it inequality, water security, sustainable growth, education, energy security, climate change or peacebuilding.

My working life is extraordinary in that I am surrounded by people whose primary interest in their work is to make a positive difference; most times when I come up with an idea, the response is “great – how can we make it happen?” I try to do the same with everyone I work with.

I am proud of many of the things I have achieved with others – such as facilitating an education policy review which led to the government introducing a Bill and passing a new law; helping a company shape a culture of safety and ensure its employees return home to their families; helping to build the BRIDGE community of remarkable people in Asia-Pacific; working with Chelsea FC and Right To Play to create a programme which enabled many children access to sport in their lives. I am proud that BRIDGE is taking its work to some of the hardest places in the world to make a positive difference there.

Outside of work, I have an amazing family, my wife and I have a son and daughter and live in Singapore. I am passionate about mountaineering and playing sport with people around the world, as well as passionate about the role of sport in society.  I also enjoy playing the piano (though have very limited talent).

Mac is also the Managing Director for BRIDGE in Asia Pacific.

Kenny Toh Client Director

My purpose is to bring more goodness into the world through helping people harness their gifts and passion to be in service for a greater good.  I live by a simple motto: “Be good. Do good.”

I am truthful, committed, easy to work with, versatile, and at times, annoyingly incisive. When you work with me, you get a partner who is both supportive and willing to challenge you to confront the truth.  I value having open, honest and mutually respectful and trusting relationships.

I absolutely love my work at BRDGE. What’s extraordinary about it is that I get to make a positive impact with our clients, whilst working with and learning from amazingly like-minded colleagues.  I find fulfilment in enabling, catalysing and witnessing the authentic conversations, genuinely heart-felt connections and often, life-changing experiences that spur the transformational shifts in leaders and the teams or organisations they lead.

As a father of two teenaged boys (a self-taught guitarist and an international math olympian who are both competitive sportsmen), I am also proud of who they are and how my wife and I have raised them to be sensible, responsible, and well-balanced human beings.

Kenny is also the Director of BRIDGE in Singapore.

Jason Furness Client Director, Hong Kong

My purpose is to make a positive difference in as many people’s lives as possible.

I am open, fun, empathetic, direct and inclusive. When working with me you will get someone who is open to ideas and who is very comfortable with trying new approaches. I love structure with freedom to flow within it. I welcome feedback and am always exploring new ways of improving the experience for you and for your customers also. I see collaboration as a true partnership. I can usually find opportunities and appreciate the big picture, even under challenging and unusual circumstances.

My working life seems like a series of adventures. I meet fantastic people throughout the world who never cease to amaze me with the quality or their thinking and creativity. I am extremely grateful in the trust that they place in BRIDGE to allow us to partner them to grow and learn. The most amazing thing about my working life is that it rarely feels like work.

I am most proud of being part of the team that took the initiative to take our work to the youth leaders of communities in need. Teaching them how to help others was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

Outside of work I am really proud my two sons and I love finding new ways to have fun.

Jason also leads our Customer Experience Practice globally.

Carla Henry Client Director, Singapore

My purpose is to help leaders be extraordinary versions of themselves and create organisations where they help others around them be that too. Ultimately I want organisations to be places where people can be real and human and do great things in the world.

I am kind, loving, honest, challenging and reflective. When you work with me you get a partner. I like to work side by side my clients and roll up my sleeves and help people make things happen in their organisations. I am fun, hardworking and won’t let you down. I listen deeply, even to what you are not saying and I will call it out and challenge you if I think you are not speaking your truth. Some of my great friends are my previous clients or colleagues and I like to really get to know who you are and what’s important to you both inside and outside of work. I like to make you shine and be successful on your journey and whatever you want to make happen.

I feel blessed to live an extraordinary life everyday, even on the ordinary days. Everyday working for BRIDGE gives me an opportunity to meet the most amazing people who share their lives inside and outside of work with us with such trust and humility. I don’t believe we can do what we do everyday and not be the change. In BRIDGE, we try hard to practice what we preach. I come to work everyday being who I really am, good and bad. I think that is pretty extraordinary and freeing. I get to do this amazing work and still be a good enough mum to my two amazing boys and juggle it all like everyone else, but I get out of bed (most) mornings feeling happy that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing in the world on all fronts.

Carla also leads Strategy and Operations for BRIDGE globally.

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Robert Watkins Client Director, Australia

My personal purpose is to enable and witness human unfolding.

It is a privilege to work with leaders as they get clear on what is really important to them and what they lead for. As the individuals unfold so does the organisation. There are some incredible moments when people come together for something great and start to see the world differently.

I am loving, exploring, unique, fun, challenging, and tall! My intention is to lead alongside others to partner and build trust that allows us to discuss what really matters. I don’t always get it right but I’m always willing to have the conversation about how we can do this better. I also like to have some fun along the way!

About my work people have said…
‘Honestly I feel – reborn, re-energised, re-focused and re-dedicated to achieve the greatness that I always dreamed off, but never really knew how to get to, both professionally and personally. This programme skilled me to simply believe again.’

I am lucky to have an extraordinary life at work as I get to meet so many different people from around the world. The nature of our work, at its best, is healthily disruptive. Personally this has taught me that wisdom comes from everyone, and to be patient, its there.

Julia Zhu Client Director, China

My purpose is to discover and experience life with more consciousness and compassion.

My hope is to enable myself and others to get closer to our own essences, feeling alive and fulfilling about work and life. To be trusted to do our work is an incredible privilege and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to make the slightest contribution while enriching my own life during our work.

I am enthusiastic, empathetic, sensitive, courageous and curious. When you work with me you get a straightforward partner who wholeheartedly wants to co-create with you in addressing the challenges that matter most.

My biggest learning is that there’s always things on systemic level that needs to be addressed rather than the symptom clients had bring up, a bit like being a doctor, treat the cause not the system. Every time I forget this and collude with clients on the symptoms I know I’m not doing my best work.

I am also a mother and friend to my daughter, wife, a Vipassana practitioner and yoga learner. I love to explore culture and values, especially their manifestations in different systems.

ABIGAIL CROFT Senior Consultant

I am passionate about helping people achieve their true potential in their professional and personal lives.

Abigail is Senior Consultant of BRIDGE, based in Hong Kong and works as a facilitator, executive coach and leadership consultant.

She has over a decade of experience working as a sales director and HR consultant. Beginning her career in London working in executive recruitment,  as the business expanded, she then opened and ran the new offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, becoming a Regional Director.

With a passion for learning and development, she has led a number of global initiatives in training and leadership development, as well as creating a global mentoring scheme. Abigail has a strong commercial background, is an experienced sales leader with   proven capability to take people with her.

Abigail has lived in Asia for over 7 years and is now based in Hong Kong with her husband Chris and son Charlie. She is passionate about yoga and loves to cook, hike and travel as much as possible. She is a Reiki practitioner and enthusiastic photographer.

Alix Farquhar Senior Consultant

My purpose is to bring greater harmony into our world.

I believe we have reached a tipping point in business and society where we need to evolve and collaborate better to solve the complex problems we have created. I love being part of that change, in all its messiness and glory.

People generally appreciate my unbounded energy and enthusiasm at first, but I’m a true philosopher at heart always trying to uncover the underlying issues and build the bigger picture. When you work with me you get someone who loves to get absorbed in your challenge, awakening new possibilities and bringing a healthy bit of fun to the mix.

I’ve only recently learned to truly appreciate how extraordinary my life is since I started to challenge the norm and be the change I wanted to see in the world. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to learn something new about myself and others. By far the most extraordinary part of my life is the opportunity to work with great people from all over the world in companies, charities and governments who are also passionate about improving their lives and the lives of others.  I’m proud to be part of the BRIDGE family and work with such amazing colleagues.

I’m also proud I get to create music with amazing musicians, sing on stage, take my dog on walks on the beach when at home, live in the jungle amongst banyan trees and snakes, and love my extraordinary husband!

Kirstie O’Donnell Global PMO Manager & Programme Manager

My purpose is to see the magic that I can create and achieve by empowering myself and others around me to do what they do best.

I am organised, caring, responsible, empathetic and helpful.  When you work with me you get enthusiasm, a passion for what BRIDGE does and an extremely strong customer service ethic.  I have a desire to play in all teams and to connect to clients and colleagues where ever they may be.  I also have a strong desire to improve things and partner with my colleagues to make that happen.

My extraordinary working life ensures that no two days are the same. I love the variation that I have and the people I am able to connect with each day, and I am always thinking outside the box to make things happen.  Whether they are big or small things, I know that they contribute to what makes BRIDGE special …. and that is extraordinary!

At work I am proudest of the work that I have done in improving our processes within BRIDGE and helping the organisation see the benefits of using our varied time zones to our advantage (actually being able to use 24 hours per day) rather than just seeing the problems that they create.

Outside of work I am also so proud of my two children. With my husband and my guidance they are  becoming two awesome people in their own right through their own awareness of what is right, and what is wrong.

Kirstie is also the Client Management Team lead for APAC.

Bev Prior Programme Manager

I love organising and planning in order to make things happen and to support other people with delivering their role.

I am approachable, trustworthy, self-motivated, calm, committed and funny. If you work with me you get honest opinions, openness to new ideas and a commitment that the job will be done to the best of my ability. I like to work with other people that are equally committed and who care as much as I do about how we are viewed and I get frustrated when this is not apparent.

Working outside of my home country, mixing with clients and colleagues from different countries and different background, learning about new cultures and ways of life, building friendships and seeing the results of the work I do makes my working life extraordinary.

Outside work I am proud of setting up a life for myself and for my family in Singapore, as well as having the courage to take the opportunity in the first instance. At work I am proud of building strong relationships with my global colleagues, helping with the setup of an amazing office, supporting my colleagues in making a difference to organisations and individuals.

Divya Parmar Programme Manager

My purpose is to make people around me happy and support them in every way I can.

I am energetic, friendly, optimistic, fun, sociable and talkative. I love working in a team and keep the energy flowing till the end of the task. If we work together we can come up with amazing ideas of doing things differently and doing them better and keep inspiring one another.

I really enjoy working with colleagues and clients across the globe. Everyone is really supportive of any new ideas you have in the way we can do things. There is a lot you can get involved in and a lot you can learn.

I am proud that I am able to smile and be happy almost everyday.

Clare Furness Client & Community Partner Manager

My purpose is to make a difference in everything I do to countries, communities and clients.  It’s the reason I love my job and why I am truly motivated to do what I do.

I am loyal, passionate, friendly, reliable and honest.  When you work with me you get some one who loves to work as a team and to really develop strong relationships with all those that I work with, whether a community partner or client.  I enjoy working in a fun, open and honest way with everyone.  I am very easy going and welcome new and exciting challenges. I like to have variety within my working life and I am a very flexible person.

My working life is full of extraordinary experiences and adventures.  My role allows me to meet and work with amazing, inspirational and passionate people from different cultures, backgrounds and countries.  I have had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and been thrown into situations where I have gone with the flow and to use my initiative to do what is right.

My proudest moments in BRIDGE have been the organizing of the APAC Fellowships in India and Sri Lanka.  The difference we have made through these have touched the hearts of so many individuals, communities, cultures, countries as well as clients, staff and associates.  Our Fellowships are contributing to making a real difference in the world.

Outside of work I am proud of my wonderful sons.

Sheena Few Programme Manager & EA

I consider myself as the ‘glue’ that keeps many things together in my work and my life in general. I love to support people around me.

The satisfaction I feel when I have or ‘we have’ achieved goals is what inspires me to want to keep doing what I do.

I am calm, caring, loyal, decicated and helpful and other people say ‘she fixes things!’  When you work with me you get commitment.  You get dedication.  You get support in any emergency, quickly and effectively.

I have been part of one of the biggest programmes in BRIDGE. I have helped to make good things happen for many involved.  I have also learnt so much about myself as well during this journey, both personally and professionally.

Taking part in the Asia Fellowship in Sri Lanka was one of the most amazing work experience I’ve ever had.  Meeting new people from all walks of life was so interesting.

Outside of work I’m proud I’ve had the courage to carve out a life here in Hong Kong away from my family and friends back in the UK.  Hong Kong is amazing on so many levels.

Ranjani Iyengar Client Director

I met BRIDGE as a client about six years ago and the session resonated so deeply with me that I had to learn more. I have managed P&Ls, worked in internal HR roles in large corporations and also dabbled in academia. My experiences varied between a real sense of alignment with people and passion for the issues we were trying to impact and often an equally deep sense of alienation and powerlessness. I knew I wasn’t alone and that most of my colleagues were in the same place of wanting to make a difference and yet caught up in systems and contexts that they did not feel they could influence. I had a choice to make – either check out or make a difference.

BRIDGE provides me with a community that has the vocabulary and tools to start to reshape my own and others’ experience of their lives. Working with BRIDGE has helped me learn how to help leaders live their lives in full colour with the courage to care enough to make a difference and the clarity and commitment to do something about it. My commercial experience gives me insight into organisational dynamics that makes it possible for me to facilitate leaders and teams get quickly to clarity about their leadership agenda and get practical about how to implement it.

I am fortunate in the people and organisations I work with and my family that keeps me grounded and authentic. I teach yoga, read a lot and love to travel. I cherish the relationships I have made and at this moment – I am content!

Ranjani is also the Managing Director of BRIDGE in the Americas.

Michael Connor Principal Consultant

My purpose is to “Believe in the Miraculous” and the extraordinary results that naturally occur when individuals, teams and organisations both align around an inspiring and meaningful purpose and have the clarity and commitment to bring that purpose to life through a strategic vision and concrete plan of action.

Anything less than reaching for the miraculous, as extreme as may sound, feels like just more of the same stuff packaged differently. Today’s leaders and people need something profoundly different to thrive in today’s complex and ambiguous world. They need to access their intuition as well as their intellect and they require inspiration, not just motivation.

When you work with me you will get someone who is authentic, insightful and likes to dive deeply to explore what’s beneath the surface of a challenge, relationship or leadership style. I love to partner with my clients and co-create interventions and solutions that impact both the bottom line and the lives of the people involved.

My favorite moments while consulting and training are nearly always when we do our best work combining purpose and trust, wherein leaders truly bring out the best in one another and their teams, transforming individual actions into group synergy and producing results beyond what they thought were possible.

I am also the proud father of two teenage daughters and have been happily married for over 20 years.  When you work with me, I’ll also give you a snippet of my life journey, which has been rich with varied experiences and has taken me many places. I am, after all, an explorer.

James Boddy Consultant

My purpose is to spark the conversations that really matter.

I’ve found that leadership development and coaching open up a powerful space for these conversations. When effectively done, it’s inspiring, addictive, and deeply fulfilling.

I took the risky step of leaving a successful career as a barrister in order to pursue the work that drives me. I went on to run leadership workshops for young people all over the world. These experiences gave me a powerful insight into the potential of leadership development for addressing the biggest issues in our world. I’ve been hooked ever since.

If you work with me, you can expect professionalism, grounded insight, and a deep commitment to working together to meet your needs. And I’d be disappointed if we didn’t have some fun at the same time!

Tammy Papadopoulos EA & Programme Manager

I have to love what I do to feel purposeful in my role. BRIDGE is my absolute home because I love my job! I am very compassionate about my work. I love helping others and making clients / co-workers happy.

I am organised, detail-orientated, passionate, energetic, a planner and a great coordinator. I am really easy going to work with yet I have a great attention for detail. I also like to get to know my customers on a personal level. It helps me connect with them.

My extraordinary working life is an environment where I can thrive and learn each day. I love to learn new things from clients and co-workers. It allows me to continue my growth and keep me constantly craving more.

I am proud of my ability to adapt to different types of people, personalities and situations.

Tammy is also the Client Management Team lead for the Americas.

Breann Lynn EA & Programme Manager

My purpose is to provide support for the North American director, principals, associates, and clients. I enjoy my role within BRIDGE, and love our work.

I am quirky, intentional, easygoing, organised, helpful and passionate. If you work with me you’ll get a character that is very organised and focused at work. I enjoy supporting our staff and clients, and ensuring that their needs are met.

Working for BRIDGE is exciting and extraordinary. It is inspiring to see the passion our staff has for our clients and the work that we do with our clients.
I’m very proud to have my master’s degree in theological studies.