BRIDGE has been challenging convention since its inception, helping people see the world as a place of possibilities, bringing unlikely groups of people, ideas and experiences together. We / It exists to inspire leaders to live an extraordinary working life. And to create it for those around them. In doing so, BRIDGE helps companies achieve radical success by becoming an extraordinary force for good.

BRIDGE was started at Cambridge University 25 years ago by two undergraduates who wanted to shake up the future leaders that many of their fellow undergraduates would become. They wanted to give them a slice of life that would open their hearts and minds to sides of life that most from Cambridge would never encounter. BRIDGE asked them to get involved in changing the lives of children and young adults who were living on the edge. From that day forward, BRIDGE has always been trying to find disruptive and creative ways of helping change people’s mindsets and inspire them to believe the impossible is within reach.

BRIDGE became something greater than we could have imagined. We instinctively recognised that unlocking the power of purpose in business could be hugely beneficial to society and to businesses.This has been our focus for the last 25 years and we have been privileged to be fellow travellers with some of the most progressive leaders and organisations in the world.


We became global in scale over the last decade and have continued to do work we love with organisations we admire. We help organisations try and find the extraordinary versions of themselves – often in the most demanding of circumstances.

“Before BRIDGE I loved building factories and growing businesses. After that seminal experience, I really got what human potential was all about. I saw some kids start to believe in themselves and the impact was huge. You know about potential of course, but BRIDGE showed me it in glorious Technicolor. I still love growing businesses…nearly as much as I love growing people nowadays.”ANGUS ROLLE, EX MARS HEAD OF EUROPEAN SUPPLY CHAIN